Spring Updates: Accessories and Beauty

We’ve had some beautiful weather lately and in my mind at least, March 1st is the start of spring. However, even for an optimist like me, it’s too chilly to relinquish the winter clothing. But I find myself yearning for something new, so I improvise by adding new accessories and trying new beauty products. When I can, I choose them from independent brands, the reason for which is twofold. First, I’m less likely to see the same thing all over Instagram. Second, I like to find out about person or people behind the brand. It makes it more personal and more interesting.


My friends at Samuel Tweed Fabrics have extended their range of mohair accessories to include a clutch and a stole. They are perfect for weddings, proms and days at the races and can be made in mohair of any colour. I’m already a huge fan of their serapes and scarves as well as their divine throws and cushions.The clutch bag is absolutely darling and I adore the liberty-print lining. These will be available soon but do feel free to email them for specific enquiries.

Spring updates Samuel Tweed mohair clutch

Spring updates mothers day gift wedding clutch bag Samuel Tweed mohair clutch

The stole is smaller than a serape, but larger than a scarf. It’s beautifully lightweight yet warm and it has an almost ethereal softness about it. I think both make beautiful additions to a wedding trousseau too and as a bride-to-be myself, I’ll style the clutch and the stole with some other bespoke accessories in a future blog post about wedding accessories.

Samuel Tweed stole and clutch for wedding prom races


Tassel and fringe design details are going to be huge throughout 2019, although tassel earrings have been popular for a few seasons now. A pair of earrings gives an instant outfit update and is a failsafe way to add colour to outfits, no matter what time of year. These sterling silver tassel hoops by friends Lucy and Jane come with the option of extra tassels which can be swapped to suit the wearer’s mood and their look. I’ve already worn them in several colours and shared a few pictures here and there, but here are the other options. And at just £10, plus £2.50 for an additional pair of tassels, they’re excellent value too.

spring updates tassel earrings


QMS Medicosmetics was introduced to me by my friend, the highly-respected beauty blogger, Chloe, Lady Writes. (We met last summer when we took part in a video shoot for Dermalex). So, although I don’t know the people behind this brand, I trust Chloe’s recommendations. I started using these products in January and I’m very impressed with the results so far. The standout product is the Exfoliant Fluid which works best in combination with the Day and Night Collagen. I can genuinely say that my skin felt significantly softer and smoother after just one use. I’m realistic enough to know that there isn’t a skincare range on the planet that will erase my crows feet or magic away the ever-deepening nasolabial lines, but these products have refined the texture of my skin and given back a glow that recently has oft been missing in action.

IQM medicocosmetics review


Josh Wood is a hair-colour expert. He recently launched a home hair colour system from which I’ve been using a shampoo and conditioner formulated for blonde hair prone to frizz. (There’s an option for brunettes too). Now while I maintain I’m a redhead, others disagree and tell me I’m blonde. Either way, I’m not a brunette. The “prone to frizz” part however, has never been called into question. The merest hint of airborne moisture makes this particular characteristic plain for all to see.

The shampoo and conditioner both contain UV filters which I’m particularly pleased about. I have the T-section of my hair highlighted but last time, I asked my hairdresser to tone it down by matching the highlights to my natural colour. My hair looked too light; a combination of the gorgeous summer we had last year and an accumulation of highlights. I love the results and I want to keep it looking that way, so I hope the UV filters will protect against natural lightening. My hair felt noticeably softer after the first use. And as for the frizz? Well I did an experiment and left my hair to dry naturally, something which usually results in it looking not dissimilar to a dandelion clock. Instead, there were infinitely fewer flyaways and I ended up with soft, natural waves. It still needed a smoothing cream to make it look polished, but it remained frizz-free for the rest of the day. Happy days.

spring updates josh wood shampoo and conditioner blonde hair prone to frizz

Everything here is a gift from the respective brands, but I have not been paid to write this blog post. I have got to know the people behind some of  these brands and I'm grateful that you join me in supporting these small, independent businesses. All opinions are 100% honest and all content is my own.


  1. March 1, 2019 / 11:54 pm

    The bag is darling and your photography really shows the beautiful detail Liz x

    • elizabeth
      March 5, 2019 / 7:06 pm

      Thank you Michelle. It’s so sweet isn’t it xxxx

  2. March 6, 2019 / 11:51 am

    The clutch bag and scarf are gorgeous – I love mohair – it’s such a rich looking wool. I’m also prone to frizz so the Josh Wood products would be great for my hair. Photographs are stunning as always.

    • elizabeth
      March 9, 2019 / 9:35 am

      Hi Alison, oh mohair is gorgeous isn’t it. I love the natural sheen and the fact it’s so lightweight. And yes, the Josh Wood products are brilliant. They really do make my hair less frizzy. Have a lovely weekend xxxx

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