ROAV Eyewear: The Thinnest Folding Sunglasses In The World.

ROAV Eyewear earhart sunglasses

EARHART. Model #1001. Silver with blue mirror.

Why Spectacles Have Super-Powers

I was excited about glasses long before I joined the optical profession. As a young teenager, I dreamed of wearing specs, so pretended I couldn’t see the blackboard. If only I’d known that it’s impossible to pull the wool over the eyes of an optometrist. As an even younger girl, I found Clarke Kent to be much more attractive than his outgoing, unusually-clad alter ego. Part of it was the specs-appeal. I associated them with his bookish intelligence and quiet confidence. Those same qualities melt my heart to this day.

But spectacles have super-powers of their own. I cannot think of another accessory where function and form work hand-in-hand to change lives. After all, so many could not drive or work without them. Their transformative properties extend to aesthetics too. They allow for a bit of dress-up, and help one assume a different persona, should they want to. The psychological difference a great pair of flattering frames makes to a wearer cannot, and should not, be underestimated.

At the 100% Optical trade show earlier this year, I spent many a happy hour looking at and trying on frames. There were tens of thousands. A lot caught my eye. Some because they were innovative. Some because they were super-stylish. Others because they were downright whacky. But I didn’t see anything quite like these ROAV Eyewear designs.

ROAV Eyewear: Origin and Vision Series

ROAV Eyewear boasts the world’s thinnest folding frame- just 8mm when folded, (the same as an iPhone). They fit into the smallest clutch bag or pocket. They were designed and engineered in LA and because they are composed of the fewest parts possible, they weigh just 15g (three teaspoons of sugar). Now that’s all well and good and is easily proven. But are they flimsy and too delicate? Are they a purely functional spare pair to pop in one’s pocket?

They most definitely are not.

Most of us choose sunglasses based on their appearance, so I’ll start by showing you the styles that I’ve been trying all season. There is a sunglasses range and an ophthalmic range and I have some of each.  Each style comes in a choice of frame and lens colours. 

ROAV Sunglasses

The ROAV sunglass series is called Origin.

ROAV Zuma sunglasses

ZUMA. Model #8005 Black with pink mirror

ROAV Eyewear Zuma black pink lenses

ZUMA. Model #8005 Black with pink mirror

ROAV Earhart silver blue mirrored lenses

EARHART Model #1001 Silver with blue mirror

ROAV eyewear Earhart silver blue mirrored lenses

EARHART Model #1001 Silver with blue mirror

ROAV Ophthalmic

The ophthalmic range is called Vision. It was launched on the request of the optical channel after the success with the sunglass range. I wear glasses for reading and these are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. They don’t leave nose dents and nor do they slip down. I love them!

ROAV Ace frame silver

ACE Model #6004 silver

BOMBAY Model #6010 Gunmetal

ROAV Eyewear: Where Form Meets Function

ROAV frames are incredibly robust.

I’ve been testing several pairs for more than three months and the exceptional British summer and my holiday abroad means I have worn them day in, day out. I have taken them off and on and folded them again and again. They have kept their shape and have not become loose. This is because they have patented screw-less hinges. The vast majority of frames, both ophthalmic and sunglasses have screws which work loose over time. No screws means no loosening. And by the way, the sides are very easily adjusted to fit around the ears snugly.

ROAV lenses are scratch-resistant

A lot of the ROAV sunglasses have the option of mirrored lenses. In the past, I have found these to scratch quite easily, so this is something I’ve paid particular attention to. Because they fold up to go in and out their case, they are subject to more wear and tear than a non-folding pair. None of mine have a single scratch on, so I can say hand on heart, that with normal wear, ROAV mirrored lenses are scratch-resistant. Obviously, I took extra care when I wore them on the beach and I tried to avoid them coming into contact with anything abrasive like sand and saltwater. (And a top tip to wash any type of glasses, rinse them and wash the lenses with warm, soapy water and dry with a micro-fibre cloth. It’s infinitely better than those little cleaning sprays).

ROAV Sunglasses Offer 100% UV Protection and are polarised.

We all know how important UV protection is, so I need say no more about it. Polarised lenses are brilliant anyway, because they dramatically reduce reflections. They are particularly useful for reducing glare, for example, from water, (bright) sand and snow and are excellent for driving.

ROAV Eyewear folds easily and smoothly.

The frames fold within a matter of seconds. To demonstrate, a series of still photographs.

ROAV Eyewear slimmest sunglasses in world

ROAV world's slimmest folding sunglasses

ROAV Eyewear. The world’s slimmest folding glasses.

Riav slim folding glasses

ROAV frames fold slimmer than an iPhone

Order From My Shop

I believe in ROAV Eyewear so much that I decided to stock a selection of sunglasses in my shop (the ophthalmic styles need prescription lenses which is something I can’t do here). I only agreed to this after trying wearing them for over three months. Harry, my son has got the Lennox as you can see in the photos above. A fashion/label conscious fifteen-year-old, he is very impressed.

So, every style I sell is tried and tested. I can therefore, wholeheartedly and confidently recommend ROAV folding sunglasses to you. Each style is available in several frame colours and lens options and all are covered by a one-year warranty. They make life so much easier because they take up so little room in a bag or a pocket. Not only that, each and every pair is head-turning and forward-thinking- innovative. I get compliments every single time I wear mine and so will you.

A lot of the designs are unisex so please do look at my shop because there are photographs of both male and female models wearing them. You can also see the different coloured frame and lens options, including red, blue, pink and copper mirror options.

For trade enquiries, please contact the award-winning Bondeye, the sole UK distributor.

This is a paid partnership with Bondeye, the sole UK distributor of ROAV Eyewear, All of my opinions are 100% honest and all content is my own.


  1. August 31, 2018 / 6:20 am

    What beautiful glasses, I like them all and you look very beautiful with all of them!

    • elizabeth
      September 3, 2018 / 11:42 am

      Thank you very much Josep-Maria xxx

  2. Vicky
    August 31, 2018 / 11:39 am

    They are lovely, so stylish! Shame I need prescription shades nowadays. 🙁

    • elizabeth
      September 3, 2018 / 11:42 am

      They are super stylish yes, but they don’t come as prescription sunnies unfortunately. Maybe in future they will xxxx

      • Georgina
        April 24, 2019 / 5:08 pm

        You can however get the sun prescription lenses in the roav clear design as the design is better suited for prescriptions and still has great styles available :)!

        • elizabeth
          April 24, 2019 / 5:25 pm

          Oh I didn’t know that. Thank you so much Georgina xxx

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