Porto Santo Holiday Outfits: Strapless High Low Dress


What Lizzy Loves closet satin high low dress

Another holiday outfit, another dress. But that won’t come as a surprise! This dress was a gift from Closet London. They sent it to me in late spring. I chose and saved it purposely for my holiday, knowing that the colours would sing. I should have realised that by now, a stunning dress such as this would have sold out. However, they have some equally head-turning styles for the new season, so do take a look.

Satin Strapless High Low Dress

This is without doubt an occasion dress. It cannot be deemed as smart casual. It is smart smart. With heels and a fascinator, it would suit a wedding or Ladies Day to perfection. With a pair of wedges it would not look out of place at the most elegant of garden parties.  I wore mine with sandals. Flat sandals. This was something I wasn’t sure would work before I tried, but I think it does. And I think that’s because these sandals are delicate and feminine. The pearl detail works beautifully with the pattern on the dress, as does the monochrome. And in fact, if I could have taken just one pair of shoes with me on holiday, it would have been these. (You might remember that I teamed them with my tie-dye maxi dress, a dress more casual than this one).

The downside of flats is that it’s harder to look elegant in them, no matter how beautiful they are. I find that standing on tiptoe helps, as does pointing the toes when sitting.

Once again, the earrings are the large black hoops from the LBD collection at Toolally. The shape compliments the pattern on the dress very well indeed. I really can’t recommend Toolally earrings highly enough. They are so lightweight and comfortable and are beautifully made. I wore them in my previous post with a black sun dress, a more casual outfit.

And Finally…

Did I mention it’s windy on the Island of Porto Santo?

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Rouge Dior 999,Maybelline Go Colossal Mascara, Leather BlackToolally LBD Drop Hoops, Black
My dress was a gift from Closet, the sandals were a gift from Shoeaholics and my earrings were a gift from Toolally. Thank you for supporting those brands that support my blog.


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      August 26, 2018 / 12:13 pm

      Oh thank you so much Vicki xxxxxx

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