Transitions Style Colours: The Latest Trend in Prescription Glasses


Coloured Lenses: The Latest Trend In Prescription Glasses
Sunglasses have always been a must-have accessory and one of the standout trends this season is for those with coloured lenses. Prada and Gucci showed yellow lenses on their catwalks and Selena Gomez and models of the moment Bella and Gigi Hadid have been viewing the world through a whole array of rainbow colours. Coloured lenses aren’t a new concept per se, but current fashion trends are driving the product, bringing about whole new spectrum and a wider than ever choice, but perhaps more importantly, the trend has been embraced by the optical industry and incorporated into an exciting new range of spectacle lenses.
Here, my two worlds of optometry and style blogging meet.

Introducing Transitions Style Colours
Style Colours is a brand new range of photochromic coloured lenses by Transitions® Optical which launched last month. It’s a collection of four lens colours – amethyst, sapphire, emerald and amber, which adapt from clear to dark when exposed to UV light and which add a contemporary element to prescription eyewear. Transitions Style Colours provide the opportunity to make a strong style statement with glasses as a whole and offer 100% protection against UV rays, (and against blue light when in the clear state) so can be worn both indoors and out making them as functional as they are stylish.

Style Colours Protect Against Harmful UV Rays
As an optometrist, I cannot place enough importance on the quality of  sunglasses and the protection they afford. UV exposure can lead to, among other things, cataracts and
macular degeneration, and of course to premature ageing of the skin around the eye.
As soon as I heard about these lenses I was excited and I included them in the monthly column I write for the professional journal, Optometry Today. They have been very well received by the optical industry and the profession and there is a definite buzz around them; this is a fashion-led product which can change the entire look of an outfit, yet they are presented by a brand, highly regarded and trusted within the world of optics.

The Seamless Transition
In their clear state, they look just like a pair of prescription glasses.They adapt and darken in response to UV light. When in bright sunlight, it takes less than one minute for them to reach their darkened state and the time taken to fade back to clear is about the same. It really is a seamless transition. When wearing them, I’m not aware of them darkening or fading. They’re excellent! The transition from clear to dark can be seen in this series of photographs (taken very quickly to capture the different stages!)
















Fully Darkened Lenses
Here are the lenses in their fully darkened state in full sunshine. I think they look so different than when clear and when semi-dark and it’s this ability to change the look of an outfit, or indeed that of the wearer, that I love.


Transitions Style Colours, sapphire lenses, darkened state

Anti-Glare Properties
As well as filtering out all harmful rays whether clear or dark, Transitions Style colours have anti-glare properties; something incredibly useful when looking at a screen because it minimises reflections. This has he added benefit of making the wearer’s eyes look very clear through the lenses.


Transitions Style Colours, clear state indoors


Choosing The Frames and Lenses

I went to Eyeworks Opticians in South Kensington, a bright, modern, independent practice which stocks a fabulous range of frames suitable for prescription spectacles and sunglasses. I wanted something to make an impact and had the best time trying on frames before deciding upon my bold purple and blue acetate cat-eye frame by Caroline Abram.

Transitions Style Colours can be chosen to match, compliment or contrast with the chosen frame in line with the wearer’s style. From a demonstration with a UV light to show the lenses in their darkened state, I could could see that the amethyst would match my frame while the sapphire complimented it and I chose the latter.

I have a very low distance prescription, too low to need glasses on a day to day basis, but I decided to have it incorporated anyway to give me the clearest possible vision. The dispensing optician took all of the required measurements so the optical centres of the lenses are aligned with my pupils and the centre of the frame.

What Lizzy Loves choosing spectacle frames at Eyeworks, London

What-Lizzy-Loves- purple-acetate-cat-eye-frame-Caroline-Abram-Style-Colours-Transitions-lenses-sapphire-eyeworks-london

I’m absolutely thrilled with my glasses and the Transitions Style Colours lenses. They’re comfortable, stylish and in my professional opinion, they are an excellent way of protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays, blue light and glare in all light conditions. What better way of incorporating a new trend while knowing it has a significant benefit to the wearer. I highly, highly recommend them.

Love Lizzy x

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Transitions Optical. My opinions are always 100% honest and the content is always my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support What Lizzy Loves.

Thank you to optometrist and owner of Eyeworks, Miss Brenda McKernan and to student dispensing optician Aimee Wheeler, for the outstanding service and to Emily Marsh from Chase PR for arranging this collaboration.

Eyeworks London
44 Gloucester Road
London SW7 4QT

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Cream pompom dress, & Other Stories, past season
*Blue Broidery Top (also available in pink) £29, Tulchan

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  1. Michelle Tyler June 13, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    At last! This is such a welcome development from a fashion perspective, I'm sold. In fact I need new glasses anyway so your post couldn't come at a better time, imagine if I hadn't read this before filling my new prescription! Brilliant, thanks Liz xxx

    • Elizabeth Yeowart June 14, 2017 / 3:00 pm

      Thank you so much Michelle! They are fabulous, really cool but very functional too. I'm hoping to get a pair with the emerald green lenses next! xxx

  2. josep-maria badia June 14, 2017 / 8:13 am

    How beautiful these glasses, and what possibilities to introduce into the outfits! I love the color and fabric of your top, or maybe it's a dress?

    • Elizabeth Yeowart June 14, 2017 / 3:01 pm

      Thank you Josep-Maria and yes, they can add so much to an outfit and look very different when clear than when dark. And thank you- it's a top! xxx

  3. Suzy Turner June 14, 2017 / 11:10 am

    I've literally just booked to get my eyes tested again. I haven't had them done for about two or three years and I've noticed I'm getting a lot of eye strain headaches… I have a feeling I'm going to be told I need to wear them all the time. I do love these transition lenses – I wonder if they're available here yet!
    You look gorgeous in glasses, Lizzy!
    Suzy xx

    • Elizabeth Yeowart June 14, 2017 / 3:03 pm

      Ooh, yes, make sure you get them tested regularly. I don't know if they'r available in Portugal yet actually- they only launched here last month but Transitions is a global brand so they will roll out to Europe and the rest of the world in due course.Let me know how you get on with your sight test xxx

  4. Honest Mum June 15, 2017 / 9:37 am

    What an amazing service and you look gorgeous in every photo, you should totally join a modelling agency x

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