Look Fabulous Forever! Make-up For the 50+ Woman.

I’ve written quite a lot recently about how at the age of 43, I feel very happy in my skin. Without doubt, this is because I have a loving partner, happy, healthy children, a fulfilling career, the best friends and an amazing, close family. I have inner happiness and I think it shows. I do of course inhabit the real world, a world in which there will always be day to day trials and tribulations, some bigger and harder to overcome than others, but I feel confident, satisfied and excited for the future.

The wonderful thing though is that my mum, at the age of almost 67 is equally happy in her skin and says often that she has never felt better. She has the same energy and outlook on life as a woman half her age. She and my dad take numerous foreign holidays each year. She snorkels, scooters, walks for miles and loves Ed Sheeran. She takes as much care over her appearance as I do and because she’s always protected her skin from the sun and eaten healthily, she looks younger than her years and has a beautiful complexion. But, it’s undeniable that her skin, (as mine does), needs something different than it did when she was in her twenties, thirties and even in her forties. She finds her skin gets dry and feels finer than it used to. This is something that entrepreneur Tricia Cusden recognised too, and at the age of 65 and unable to find beauty products suitable for her skin, took herself out of retirement and launched Look Fabulous Forever, a pro-age beauty brand which offers a wide range of products for mature, (50+), skin. This is now an award-winning brand with customers from around the world and both Trish and the brand have been featured throughout the media.

My mum has been using a selection of make-up from the range and I was looking forward to seeing her wearing the products but also to hearing what she really thought about it and how it compared to her usual make-up, a mixture of mid-range drugstore brands.

It’s not unusual for women to look slightly older with make-up than without but I think the before and after photographs show how flattering the make-up is. It enhances Mum’s skin and features and makes her look younger.


A review of Look Fabulous Forever, make-up for the 50+ woman

When she first received her make-up, she commented upon the beautiful packaging; stylish and elegant and with the definite feel of a luxury brand.

A review of Look Fabulous Forever, make-up for the 50+ woman

A review of Look Fabulous Forever, make-up for the 50+ woman


Mum is wearing Fabulous Base, in colour 01, (£25). It contains Vitamin E which has anti-oxidant properties and coconut oil which helps soften wrinkles and prevent sagging. It has a natural looking, dewy finish that really did make the skin look luminous. Mum said it glides on incredibly smoothly, blends very easily and doesn’t dry, cake or rub off throughout the course of the day.

She has a few tiny broken capillaries around her nose and a very small area of hyper-pigmentation on her left cheek. The Fabulous Conceal (in colour 01 £18.50) does a marvelous job of covering these along with her under-eye dark shadows. Because the product is densely pigmented she needs only the tiniest amount and finds it easy to apply and blend with her fingertips.

A review of Look Fabulous Forever, make-up for the 50+ woman

She is wearing her usual translucent powder and powder blush over the base and concealer and a grey eye shadow over the eyelids with Fabulous Eye Shade, in aubergine, (£14.50) to define the socket. It does look rather a dramatic shade but it blends easily and because it is completely matte, is very flattering. I think it makes Mum’s blue eyes look bluer too.

A review of Look Fabulous Forever, make-up for the 50+ woman

You can see from the “before” photograph how fair my mum’s eyelashes are and mine are just the same. For both of us, mascara is our desert island cosmetic. Mum always chooses waterproof because it flakes less and having tried more than she can remember over the years, has categorically stated that the Fabulous Lash Mascara, (£18.50) is the best she’s ever used in terms of the shape and size of the brush making for easy application, and also for its lengthening properties. Praise indeed! She said the lashes remain soft even after several coats and that it doesn’t rub off throughout the day.

A review of Look Fabulous Forever, make-up for the 50+ woman


The Fabulous Lip Colour, in fucshia, (£18) is again a much easier shade to wear than perhaps it first appears. Mum said it is very smooth to apply and feels almost like a lip-balm. It doesn’t bleed nor does it dry the lips and although she needs to reapply after eating, or drinking during a meal, it lasts well and feels comfortable.

A review of Look Fabulous Forever, make-up for the 50+ woman

My mum is very very impressed with all of her Look Fabulous Forever products. She said the base has been formulated perfectly to suit 50+ skin and that after using it, won’t now go back to what she has used before. I know what she means when she says that all of the make-up is comfortable and what she particularly likes was that it all lasts throughout even the busiest of days. She can see why founder Tricia Cusden has had such success with this excellent brand and honestly recommends it to everyone with mature skin.

A review of Look Fabulous Forever, make-up for the 50+ woman

So if either of my brothers are reading…Mum will have this waterproof mascara for every future birthday and remember, it’s Mother’s Day on 26th March!

Love Lizzy x

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Disclosure: *My mum’s make-up was gifted and this blog post was sponsored by Look Fabulous Forever. The opinions are, as always 100% honest and the content is my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support What Lizzy Loves.


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  1. Michelle Tyler
    March 11, 2017 / 4:22 pm

    Well it's obvious where you get your good looks young lady 😉 I think you're right that make up can be very aging if it's not right however this is certainly not the case here. You Mum looks absolutely incredible!Beautiful post Liz & very interesting perspective xx

    • Elizabeth Yeowart
      March 12, 2017 / 5:31 pm

      Ah, thank you so much Michelle. I really hope I look as good as my mum does when I'm almost 67! xxx

  2. Bee Jaques
    March 11, 2017 / 6:02 pm

    Well I can see where you get your good looks from! How lovely to feature your mum! She is very beautiful and looks great in her new make-up x

    • Elizabeth Yeowart
      March 12, 2017 / 5:33 pm

      Ah, thank you Bee. It was lovely featuring her- I'm very proud of her and as I said to Michelle above, I hope I look as good as she does at almost 67! xxx

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