Beauty: A Make-Up Lesson at Home.

My blog is not only my hobby but it is my passion and it has led to a lot of lovely opportunities during the last two and a half years. One of the most rewarding aspects is hearing from readers who get in touch with enquiries, comments and very kind compliments. 

Emma Clare is such a reader, but in this case she contacted me inviting me to a make-up lesson, by her, in my own home. What girl could refuse such an offer?

Emma, the founder of The MakeUp Clinic, followed her own passion by training as a professional make-up artist and offers lessons either in her home studio in Warrington, Cheshire or at in her clients’ homes.

She arrived with a high director’s style chair as well as, (rather unforgiving when make-up free), portable lighting and cases full of cosmetics.

We discussed some ideas and I told her that I’d like to move out of my comfort zone and try some different colours. Emma started with my eyes and did one while I watched in a hand held mirror, which I subsequently attempted to copy on my other eye under her guidance.

Once the whole make-up was finished, Emma gave me a folder complete with diagrams and a prescription of all the products she used as well as application notes to serve as a reminder of the techniques. 

This is what she used…

…and this is how I looked. 

It is a little difficult to tell from the photograph, but my eyes have shades of aubergine which I think makes the colour pop more than my habitual palette of greys does. The lipstick is pinker than my usual choices too and I loved it. Emma did a little contouring and highlighting of my cheekbones, something which my 14 year old daughter was most impressed with, it being de rigeur among that age group.

It was bolder and stronger than my usual make-up but I still felt like I looked like me. I will definitely experiment more and will try to replicate this look and have already incorporated some of the application tips into my routine.

It was a fabulous two hours and I loved every moment with Emma Clare.

Love Liz x

Find Emma on Facebook and online at The MakeUp Clinic


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