Well-being: Reflexology

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing holistic treatment
based on the ancient principle that reflex points on the feet are connected to
corresponding areas throughout the body. 
It is interesting to note that the feet are not mirror images in what part of the body they represent. 

It’s something I hadn’t experienced before but as part of my role as writer and editor for Skipton based magazine, Aspire, I had the opportunity to try it and visited Nikki Cookson at Craven Clinic to experience
my first treatment and to find out more for the November issue which has just been delivered.

On arrival I completed a questionnaire about my lifestyle
and general health. One concern, (and frustration), I mentioned is my tendency to wake early, quantity not quality of sleep being the issue.

I lay on a couch and Nikki massaged oil into both feet
before covering one to work on the other. She put me at ease and I felt under
no pressure to talk. I began to relax as started work on the reflex points
with her thumbs and fingers using specialised massage techniques. 
In response to my comments about waking early, Nikki paid extra attention to the part of my foot associated with the pineal gland which is responsible for, among many other things, release of hormones associated with sleep.

It was utter bliss and, because it came at the end of a particularly busy and slightly stressful two weeks, I got progressively more relaxed and drifted off to sleep completely.

Post treatment, when I finally managed to rouse myself and sit back up,  Nikki discussed her findings with me
and identified
some mild joint and sinus issues and gave me a vitamin and mineral supplement
to try for one month. I wasn’t aware of any sinus problems, but without question, they felt clearer afterwards. I was aware of joint stiffness though, because I get knee and lower back stiffness, normally when standing for prolonged periods watching my son play football. It’s not something that causes more than a few minutes of discomfort though, so hadn’t thought to mention it before the treatment. This was identified by Nikki purely through the reflexology.

As a slightly cynical, though open-minded consumer who likes a scientific answer for everything, (I have a BSc in optometry so like findings based on fact rather than theory or tradition), I was surprised and very impressed by reflexology. I knew of course that it would be a very enjoyable experience, but I didn’t expect the findings to be what they were. 

Reflexology is so much more than a foot massage. 

Everything Nikki said made sense and because she is a practising senior nurse, I felt reassured by her knowledge, expertise and advice. She has a calm reassuring manner and is utterly lovely.

Within a few days, I was sleeping for slightly longer in the mornings, something which has continued to date, now over a month post treatment.
I finished the month’s supply of vitamins and have simply felt better in myself and can report that the occasional joint stiffness has subsided so I will definitely continue taking this supplement.

I loved this treatment. It was blissfully relaxing and incredibly enlightening and I wouldn’t hesitate to go again. 

Love Lizzy x

My treatment was complimentary and was taken as part of my work role. All opinions are 100% honest and all content is my own.
A one hour treatment costs £40.



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