Beauty: How I Relax…With a Neom De-Stress Treatment

Visiting the beauty salon is something I do on a regular basis for waxing and eyelash tinting. It’s definitely functional rather than therapeutic, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy it. My beautician Yvette, who has become a close friend, always remarks on my unflinching demeanour when she removes the wax strips, to which I can honestly reply, that any discomfort is over ridden by the fact I am lying down on a heated bed during the day.
Something of a treat.

My latest visit was a little different though because as well as my usual treatments, I had a Neom Organics massage. Neom is a dedicated well-being brand, (with women behind the brand and based locally in Harrogate as well as London), and all products are 100% natural and promise to relieve stress, calm and relax, aid sleep, boost energy and lift the mood.

Well-being is something I’ve given quite a lot of thought to lately, I’ve been taking more walks, drinking more water, taking multi-vitamins, reading more and putting the laptop away earlier. I feel so much better since making these small changes and definitely more relaxed.

But, nothing could compare with how relaxed I felt during these blissful 90 minutes.

There is a choice of three therapeutic Neom treatments, each consisting of guided breathing and meditation (a recording), shiatsu, cranio and Thai massage and reflexology.
After a short discussion, Yvette and I decided that the sleep and de-stress treatment was the one for me, the others being the Neom Energise Treatment and The Neom Happiness Treatment.

My treatment used, among others, a beautiful blend of lavender and jasmine oils within a warm wax which was massaged in from my scalp to my toes, including key relieving points on my head, face, neck and back.

I felt utterly relaxed and serene afterwards and could have easily and very happily fallen asleep.

Yvette is passionate about well-being and is completely dedicated to her clients, focussing particularly on their well-being. She has total belief in the products she uses and runs her business with integrity, only recommending what she truly believes will be of benefit to the client.

I can’t recommend this treatment or Yvette enough and the Neom products are divine, some of which I bought to use at home.
The treatment has set me up perfectly for my upcoming break with Adam.
My blog will also be taking a mini break for a few days, but follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates and lots of beautiful photographs.

Love Lizzy x

Yvette Greenway
07712 591189

This post was written in collaboration with Ocean Finance as part of their “Relax with Ocean” series. Ocean’s ethos is all about taking the stress out of everyday life.


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