What to Wear to an Autumn Winter Wedding.

I haven’t attended a wedding for quite a while, the last one was that of my friend Sally last summer for which I wore sequins and metallics in neutral tones.

But deciding what to wear to an autumn or winter wedding can be a little more difficult.

The September issue of Aspire is a wedding special and my column is about fashion for the bride and mother of the bride, but the advice could actually be applied to any wedding guest so I thought it might be useful to adapt it and share…

Wedding Season has traditionally been spring and summer,
but weddings later in the year are becoming increasingly more popular. The autumn winter bride has the option of choosing a heavier fabric for her gown,
perhaps one with more embellishment than would be appropriate in summer. 
Brocades, sequins, metallics, velvet, rich lace and embroidery add to the
richness of a winter wedding, especially one by candlelight.

Bridesmaid dresses too can be darker, richer and more
sumptuous with jewel and berry hues complimenting the season.

A woman’s clothing should reflect her style and personality and be “occasion appropriate.” Clothes for
a wedding in gardens will be very different to those for a traditional church
wedding. September different to February. 
The colour scheme and style of the wedding should be borne in mind.
If the bride is to wear a fitted, sequinned, glamorous gown (and guests are privvy to this information beforehand), guests would not look out of place in a cocktail dress. If the wedding has a delicate, ethereal, romantic theme, then a soft, fluid floaty dress would be ideal.
If the bridesmaids are to wear rich autumn shades, the photographs will be easier on the eye if the mother of the bride and women in the wedding party choose similar shades. Other guests may not know what the colour scheme will be, but the wedding invitation often gives a clue!

The unpredictable British weather means a matching jacket, wrap or umbrella are wise considerations whatever the season with wellingtons becoming increasingly popular especially at country weddings for brides and guests alike.

Built in corsetry and support underwear and hosiery can help smooth the silhouette. Ruching and pleating are excellent design details and masters in the art of disguise. Sheer sleeves, a bolero jacket or wrap will cover the upper arm area without altering the overall look of the ensemble.  A vintage style lace cape, a faux fur stole will add warmth, texture and style detail.

The outfit should be practical as well as stylish. It must stay the day, so comfort, especially of the shoes, must be greatly considered. It’s worth having an alternative pair to change into for the evening, especially if there will be dancing. 

For the mother of the bride in particular, a lot of guests will see her outfit from the back. It’s useful to look at photographs taken from all angles
before making the final choice. This ensures the colour is flattering and
translates well in photographs too.

With a well-chosen, considered outfit, the bride’s mother should be able to get dressed and continue her day without giving her
attire any further thought, leaving her to watch her daughter sparkle and shine. 

Love Liz x

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  1. May 6, 2016 / 11:53 am

    Beautiful dress & lovely idea for an autumn wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  2. January 9, 2019 / 1:14 pm

    That’s a beautiful dress. The article seems really helpful for selecting an Autumn wedding dress.

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