Outfit: Striped Breton and Floral Roses Scarf

A lot of my friends are mums who work part-time and have Friday off,  so we arranged to meet first thing this morning for coffee and then for a walk through Skipton Woods, hence today’s chosen footwear.

I’m in the fortunate position of being self-employed and based at home, so as long as I meet the magazine’s deadline, I can arrange my days as I wish. This has proved fortunate because there has been an ongoing stream of tradesmen coming to my house to attend to various snags inherent in a new build and some downright disasters that were anything but. On each occasion, I’ve been able to ensure I’m at home for the work to be carried out.
So it was a surprise when I answered the door just before eight this morning, to an unexpected young man, here to carry out some remedial work to the French doors in my kitchen. In common with most households, breakfast time is a busy one, so our unannounced tradesman added to the general chaos, not least because he put his tools just where I stand for my blog photographs. Neither my photographer daughter or I could have been any more embarrassed, having chosen a different, (and very bright location), still very much in view of said tradesman. Though he was nice and did a good impression of not noticing. 

You’ll notice the distinct lack of beautiful, artistic and aesthetically pleasing photographs taken during our walk in Skipton Woods. This is because I didn’t actually get there having received a call to say my son was unwell before we had even left the cafe. The best laid plans.

The French doors work well though…

(And my boy is much better)

Love Liz x

Outfit Details
Harbour Top, Joules £24.95
Skinny Jeans, Boden £49
*Bracelet: Trollbeads Flower Lock £45, Blue Diamond Bead, Trollbeads Cambridge


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