Outfit: Flat Shoes with Ankle Straps and a Navy Lace Top

Yesterday was a busy and productive day and I felt I managed to cross a lot off my to-do list. The June issue of Aspire Magazine goes to print at the end of the week so there were some last minute checks and amendments to be made. I have just started work on the July issue too. It’s a (Skipton based) local lifestyle magazine which supports local businesses and celebrates local people. I’m writing a feature on a successful businessman who is the director of a letting agency, so I visited him at work yesterday afternoon. I love my role as writer and editor and this aspect, going out and meeting people, is one I particularly enjoy. 

In the evening I went to a meeting held by my son’s football (soccer) club to discuss next season. The team will progress from under 12s to under 13s and as such the FA rules change. They will play on a full sized pitch for 70 minutes and will use full-sized goals. As the mother of  the goalkeeper, I foresee some very long drives home from away fixtures if my son concedes too many goals. A full-sized net is HUGE! Maybe he just needs bigger gloves.

I opted for a smart casual outfit of navy lace with jeans and flat shoes. I have always loved shoes with ankle straps and although mine are several years old, they seem very current. 

My love of an ankle strap isn’t confined to flats. The Boden Alice heels are my current favourites and they draw compliments every time I wear them…

…and they have just come out in a flat version!

The Alice Flats come in the magenta and navy (like my heels above), a useful black, a vibrant pink and orange and the fabulous and frivolous spotty ones. I absolutely love them all and am very tempted to order a spotty pair for summer.

Boden also have these Flat T Bar Points in navy or a mirrored silver…

…and the Lille lace-up point which has proved to be a great hit too.

It’s a great time to give these fancy flats a try because there is 25% off and free delivery until tomorrow (Friday) with a diminishing discount for a few days after that.

Love Liz x

Outfit Details

Navy Lace Top, Boden

Cropped Jeans, Boden

Flat Ankle Strap Shoes, Mulberry

Large Heart Pendant, What Lizzy Loves Boutique £12


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