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Since moving into my new house last November, I have slowly been “making it my own” adding decorative touches and accessories. As regular readers now know, I have discovered a love of putting up shelves which has enabled me to display my photographs and pictures in my hallway, dressing room and dining area.
Regular readers will also know that last year was a tough one, something on which there is no need to dwell because I got through it and I now feel happier, more content and more fulfilled than I can ever remember.  My romantic, optimistic and sentimental nature believes in this Happy Ever After and perhaps also explains why certain gestures move me and touch me so much.

I’ve mentioned Annemarie many times. She is one of several amazing friends who offered almost daily support last year, providing open arms, open ears and endless cups of tea. She was there constantly for both my children and me and that remains. She sent a postcard to me and it was one which moved me to tears and one which I have kept, framed, since then.

That same week, I received another, this time from the aunt of my former husband, a special woman whom I classed as a friend and chose, 14 years ago, to be my daughter’s only Godmother. Her values are very similar to that of my own family and I always felt close to her because of this. The impact of divorce is huge, the ripple effect is quite incredible and as a result I have since lost touch with her and her lovely husband. As the totally innocent party, it saddens me hugely and I miss them. So this card, sent last summer and also framed, means a great deal.

Annemarie sent another one when I moved house which now resides on a picture ledge in the hallway.

This prompted me to contact Nicci Gower, the woman behind Hammond and Gower, the card company  She told me that she had been in the industry a long time and that she had always wanted to produce a range of cards like this. The Piano Series- The Keys of Life, is the result. She was thrilled when I told her how much those two cards helped me last summer. They made a big impact and that is exactly what she hopes to achieve. A big difference from a small gesture.

She sent me a fabulous selection of products including postcards, greetings cards and notebooks. The sentiments on some seem just perfect for how I feel right now.

I couldn’t resist putting these in my new dressing room.

And this one seemed perfect with my family collages in the dining area.

Like my mood, the melancholy has made way for the celebratory and the fabulous.
I’ll get a glass…

Love Liz x


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