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I’m still amazed when people comment on my blog and I’m always so incredibly flattered when a reader takes the time to email and ask a question. A few have inquired about my make-up routine and although I wear make-up every day, I keep it very simple and I do it in under 10 minutes. It is very rare that I deviate from this routine.

I shower every morning and use a facial wash. Once dry, I apply day cream which I leave to absorb while I blow dry my hair. 

My first step after that is foundation. I have used Lancome’s Photogenic Lumessence for around three years. I have very fair skin so use the palest shade (01). This offers light coverage which I like. It evens out my skin but is barely discernible. It has an SPF of 15 which I think is incredibly important (being a fair-skinned redhead, sun protection is of paramount importance and this affords daily protection against incidental sun damage). It is lightweight, comfortable, easy to blend and seems to stay the day. I apply it with my fingertips. For me, I feel this has more control than using a sponge or foundation brush.

I then sweep powder all over my face using a Body Shop Face and Body Brush. I do think good brushes are a worthwhile investment. However, I have tried countless bands of pressed powder and have yet to find one as good as this Stay Matte by Rimmel London. I use translucent. 

Next, I apply blush on the apples of my cheeks and along the cheekbone. I love the soft pink of  the Dandelion by Benefit and find it is a very good colour match to my natural flush. It comes with a small brush but I prefer to use my Body Shop blusher brush. I wash both my powder brush and blusher brush frequently. I simply take them into the shower and wash them with shampoo. Once rinsed, I let them dry naturally then fluff them back up.

Then I apply eyeshadow. Almost without exception, I use The Body Shop’s Colour Crush eyeshadow in Steel My Heart which is a lovely shiny grey. I can’t think of an outfit colour that this doesn’t compliment. I use a Barbara Daly eyeshadow brush and just apply it to my eyelids. 

In common with many women. my eyelashes and eyebrows make the most difference. So after applying eyeshadow, I use eyeliner and draw a line along my upper lid starting from the outer corner stopping about two thirds of the way along. I have greyish eyes and I have always found black eyeliner to be too harsh so I use navy or charcoal. Currently, I’m using an Origins one in a steel blue that, if memory serves, was gratis with a magazine. 

I brush my eyebrows, (up and out), and then, very lightly, run a pencil over them with light feathery strokes. I find Maybelline Mastershape in blonde is excellent for my reddish blonde colouring.

Without doubt, my desert island cosmetic is mascara. I use lashings. But, I can’t over emphasise the difference a good pair of eyelash curlers makes. Mine are by Tweezerman and are brilliant. 

The mascara I use is Elizabeth Arden’s Double Density in black. I think the secret to applying mascara is to really get into the root of the lashes. I apply several coats but I tend not to let each coat dry in between. I then pay particular attention to the top outer lashes which I stretch upwards and outwards. I only add a touch to my bottom lashes because  regardless of whatever I do or don’t do, I always seem to end up with panda eyes.

The final touch (after eating breakfast, cleaning my teeth and straightening my hair), is lipstick. I have to confess that I have had this one for several years. It is Fig by Christian Dior. It appears to be that old that it is no longer available by that name, but an online search suggests that Rouge Dior Replenishing Lipcolor in Pink Fiction #631 is the same product under a different name.

Love Liz x

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