Five Happy Things…#7

It’s been a few weeks since I did one of these posts. Not because there haven’t been enough happy things- on the contrary- there have been a lot. More because there have been so many other things- big things to write about.

1. I moved out of my home on Monday (into temporary accommodation until our new home is ready). Without doubt, it was an emotional day. But, overwhelmingly, I felt happy. Happy because I did it. And even more happy because it marks the start of what I’m sure will be an exciting new phase of my life. Our temporary home is very close to the town centre as is our new house. Already, we’re seeing the advantages of being so close to everything.

2. I got a huge compliment from my fellow blogger and friend, Catherine Summers. Author of the hugely successful and well respected blog Not dressed as Lamb. She included me in her post “8 Over 40 Bloggers You Should Know”. I’m very humbled and very grateful.We first met when we worked together in the Fever campaign in March and have stayed in touch ever since.

3. My friend (and scarf business partner) Sally and I have been to three different venues this week with our scarves. We have sold out of several designs. We laughed, people-watched and laughed more. In fact I laughed so much at one point that the resulting tears meant a full re-application of mascara was required.

4. You know by now that I have brilliant friends, well it turns out they have equally brilliant husbands. We were unable to turn the hot bathroom tap off the other evening- it just span round and the bathroom became increasingly like a steam room. My arsenal of tools consists only of an electric screwdriver which even I realised would be zero use. So I called another Sally, knowing her husband would come to my rescue with a wrench despite the late hour. Which he did and fixed it within minutes.
How lucky I am to know I can call on them at any time.

5. I spent a few precious hours yesterday with my 13 year old daughter while my son was at the park with his friends. I spend a lot of time driving him to and from sports fixtures so we spend a lot of time chatting en-route. I rarely get this opportunity with my daughter. We walked into town, perused the make-up counters and went for the inevitable hot chocolate. I loved every minute.

And this week I blogged about…

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Love Liz x


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