Outfit Post: Woodland Top featuring a Dragonfly Pendant

I’d class an outfit like this as a day to day staple. Much like a breton with skinnies is my spring staple, those same skinnies with a top and jacket are my Autumn staple.

I work from home but do miles and miles, (upwards of 350 a week), on the school run, to various rugby and football fixtures, piano lessons, the children’s friends, to meetings and, of course, to the *occasional* coffee with friends. 

The outfit needs to be practical. 

That being said, I always add jewellery or a scarf and am never without a handbag. I hope practical doesn’t equate to boring.

I find navy and tan work with most other colours so reducing the thought required to get dressed on those frantic school mornings.

The dragonfly necklace is new, courtesy of Danon. I love the mid length and think it is a prefect smart casual accessory.

It arrived beautifully packaged.

Each piece of Danon jewellery is designed and hand-crafted in Israel and plated in silver or gold.

It’s costume jewellery, but grown up and glamorous and a little bohemian.
I adore it.

Danon jewellery is becoming increasingly sought after and is primarily stocked in independent UK boutiques.

Love Liz x

Added on 16th March 2016: I now stock this pendant along with a wide election of Danon jewellery in my own online boutique, Lizzy O.

Outfit Details

Current Season (October 2014)
Skinny Jeans, Boden £49
Enya Smock Top in Navy Woodland Scene, Joules £49.95

Previous Seasons
Small Bayswater Cookie Cutter Satchel in Oak, Mulberry
Tan Boho boots,Boden
Navy cord blazer, Boden
Spotty socks, Jack Wills



  1. Andrea InMamasWardrobe
    October 29, 2014 / 8:46 pm

    I love the pendant & spotted it immediately Lizzy! I love tan & navy too! Its a great combo! Ax

  2. Emma Everleigh
    October 30, 2014 / 9:32 pm

    I really love this woodland top and I love that your polka dot socks are slightly visible as it's a cute touch! Lovely necklace; I love it when something arrives so beautifully packaged. xxx
    Just Emma

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