Back to School with Clarks

It’s that time of year again for parents. Here in the UK at least, the new school year starts in September which means new school shoes.
I have always bought my children’s shoes from Clarks. It’s reassuring to know that their feet are measured and that the shoes are checked for fit and for growing room.
And I love Clarks shoes and boots for myself too.

I was very impressed yesterday with the service at Clarks.
There is a new iPad fitting service, an appointment for which can be booked in advance online.

I booked an appointment for my 13 year old daughter and my 11 year old son at the Harrogate store. The appointments were for 15 minutes each and were consecutive.
I received both text and email reminders the day before.

We arrived five minutes early and it was full of children and their families. It was incredibly busy. However, the assistant came over and started the process on time.

The child can select one of two cartoon characters to “do the fitting” (by touching the iPad themselves). For older children, like my own, the third option is “Clarks”
It must be very exciting for younger children to see their favourite characters on the ipad throughout the process.

The iPad is slotted into the measuring gauge and the slider moved to the end of the toes.

The width was then measured with the digitape. Unsurprisingly, Harry’s left foot was wider as he is left footed.

These measurements combine to give the size.

The assistant checks for fit and growing room. The young lady that helped us today told me that they receive considerable training and that each much perform fifty supervised “fits” before being able to carry out the process alone.

This is an excellent service. Both of my children enjoyed the procedure and actually, we had selected and paid within about twenty minutes.
I cannot recommend this service enough, especially at this time of year when Clarks it is at its busiest. I was very relieved not to have to sit and wait.

The selection of school shoes is excellent for girls and boys of all ages.
It is worth noting that two girls’ styles go up to a UK size 9, and that there are several boys styles available in a UK ten. 

Love Liz x


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