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The Best Lingerie and a Guide For Men Buying It

Lingerie season is upon us and more underwear is purchased in the run up to Christmas than at any other time of year. The modern woman is less and less likely to stock up on simple basics when purchasing underwear, instead choosing lingerie that is both fashionable and functional, adding items to her lingerie drawer that make her feel as beautiful and as desirable in the boardroom as they do in the bedroom.

What lies beneath can make or break an outfit and it should enhance both the woman wearing it and the clothing worn over it. This means discarding anything that is worn out or that doesn’t fit properly or is uncomfortable and EVERYTHING that is bubblegum grey.  A lingerie drawer containing a few well thought out pieces will ensure that an outfit isn’t spoiled by a stray bra strap or a VPL.

Like the rest of fashion, it follows trends and with the advent of ever more technical fabrics and print processes, the choices are seemingly endless.
This season has seen a move away from the strappy, the burlesque and some might say the fetish-inspired lingerie of recent times. This design element hasn't disappeared completely but the latest designs are more textural and three dimensional with tactile embroidery, applique, flocking and embellishment. 

Matt and shiny fabric combinations are popular. Floral prints are whimsical, delicate and painterly. They appear airbrushed and faded especially on night wear and lounge wear. Geometrics, plaid, camouflage and futuristic prints inspired by the Northern Lights and the galaxy are interesting and unusual. 

Guide to lingerie. Gentleman's guide to lingerie. Checked racing back bra and knickers
*Racer back checked bra, Next £12. *Briefs, Next £7. Double stars ring, Lizzy O, £25

Winter staple colours blue and black endure and there is an increased range of soft and neutral shades, the new nudes, ranging from taupe, beige and blush to silver. Pastel colours are seen alongside metallics while more unusual combinations such as red with turquoise are trending too as are berry shades.

Embroidered plum coloured bra and matching thong. Lingerie guide for gentlemen
*Plum push-up bra (from a set), Next. *Thong (from a set), £12, Next, Silver double stars ring, £25, Lizzy O.

Shape and construction is all about function and high fashion this season. The focus lies on the neckline with covered vintage inspired bra styles, bandeau and heart-shaped necklines. The more covered styles come with higher waistline briefs, although low rise bikinis remain popular. Consumer trends show a higher demand for lightweight fabric and less padding for a more natural shape.

A T-shirt bra often has moulded cups and is designed to give a smooth line under even the most fitted of tops. Seamless, they should look almost invisible through, (or under), clothing. Nude is better than white under white and pale colours and most brands have a range of skin tones. Black or navy is ideal under darker clothing.

A multi-way or convertible bra can be worn strapless, one shoulder, racer back and halter neck. This is a particularly useful item in summer under strappy sundresses or bandeau tops and during party season for a strapless cocktail dress.

Guide to buying liingerie
2 Pack Multi-Way Padded Bras (available in several colour combinations), £20, Marks and Spencer

A sports bra is essential for even the gentlest of exercise. They are designed to specifically offer the appropriate amount of support during physical activity, from light support for yoga to maximum support for running and jumping and have straps designed not to fall off the shoulder.

Alongside these capsule styles, are designs to put the fun into functional.  A balconette bra offers less coverage than a full cup bra and provides uplift under a lower cut top. A plunge bra gives the appearance of increased cleavage because of the deep silhouette whereas a push-up bra uses angled cups for similar enhancement.

Rosie for Autograph at Marks and Spencer
The bottom line for many women when selecting knickers is comfort, but style need not be sacrificed. Most brands offer a selection of styles and cuts to match their bras.
The right style should afford a smooth silhouette without lace, embellishment or seams spoiling the appearance of the clothes.

A high waist brief sits up over the tummy and in some cases extends up to under the bustline. They are good for sculpting the torso and are particularly useful under fitted dresses. High-waisted vintage silhouettes offer a touch of romantic nostalgia and are a practical choice under bodycon dresses and close-fitting trousers.

A thong or g-string is a good option for wearing with trousers. There is little coverage of the bottom which means no unsightly VPL.

The most commonly worn style across the world though is the bikini brief. They sit at hip level with a narrow strip of fabric at the side. They are widely available in seemingly infinite colour and fabric choices and as simple or as fancy as one would like. 

neutral coloured embroidered push-up bra and bikini briefs
*Neutral push-up bra (from a set), Next £22, Next. *Bikini briefs, from a set, Next £12.
Freshwater pearl and heart jewellery by Danon at Lizzy O 
Shapewear that you can’t bear to look at is definitely a thing of the past with lace panelling, floral detailing and mesh inserts making control pants less Bridget Jones and more BeyoncĂ©.

Control briefs
Black deco deep plunge bra and firm control trouser briefs £26/£12, Next

A bodysuit can be very versatile and as easy to wear with jeans as it is with a pencil skirt, the bodysuit of the nineties has been reinvented. Choose a smoothing seamless option and it will not only be comfortable, it will hide a multitude of sins.

Guide to lingerie- body
Silk and lace nude body, £39.50, Marks and Spencer 


Buying lingerie can seem like a minefield, but if you get it right, I promise the rewards will be all yours, (insert winking emoji here...)

-Get the size right. Take a look at the labels inside her current lingerie and write it down if necessary. Or ask her. She won’t mind- I promise.

-Look at the styles and shapes she wears most often and choose something similar. Opt for the same shape but in a different colour or fabric perhaps. If she only wears high-waisted briefs, she won’t thank you for a thong, or vice versa. 

-Likewise if she likes fleecy pyjamas, a black satin and lace sheer chemise will probably never see the light of day. But if satin and lace are her thing, don't go for anything with cute animals or anything Disney on, (as if you would). 

-Think about the colours of her clothes. Bright-coloured lingerie is fabulous and fun, but if her wardrobe is full of neutrals, it will be better to choose paler shades. If however she loves leopard print and pattern, plain white undies may not hold much appeal.

-Remember the lingerie is for her, not you. Shop with her in mind and she’ll thank you for it. 

Love Liz x

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  1. Fab tips and stunning selection here. Forwarding this onto my husband as it's my birthday soon then of course Christmas x

    1. Thank you Vicki. I hope Peter pays attention! xxx

  2. Very instresting article. Something is missing however. Minimizer. When you have generous breast, finding a nice minimizer is not so easy. You should write about it. Xoxo

  3. Great tips and lovely pics, I'm all over that bodysuit. I just treated myself to some Mimi Holliday pieces, which feel lush, hopefully Husband gets the hint for Christmas Yvadney #SaturdayShareLinkUp

  4. You are so right about throwing away old stuff. I am now motivated to bin my old bras & holey knickers first thing tomorrow. I'll head for Next & M&S now that I've read your article. I especially like the Next Deco set although I'm not in need of a plunging bra particularly, I just really like this design. Fabulous selection Liz thanks for doing all the hard work for me! Mx


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