Tuesday, 2 February 2016

New Years Resolution Update!

You may remember that I wrote about my new year's resolutions at the start of the year. One month on and I thought it would be useful to remind myself of them and to see whether they have had the desired effect! 

The first aim was to switch off my laptop earlier in the evening to enable me to have a little more time to relax, watch tv and read.  I have definitely managed to do that, although I still work later than I perhaps should. That being said, I love every aspect of my work and because my children are spending increasingly more time in their own rooms with homework, revision and the obviously essential YouTube make-up tutorials and Fifa games, it's a good and productive use of my time.

In a similar vein, spending more quality time with my children was also something I vowed to do. This has proved a little harder partly because of their aforementioned schoolwork and personal interests, but I encourage them to come and sit together on my bed before their own bedtime for a cuddle and a debrief. It's lovely and something which benefits the three of us greatly. 
I get some time alone with my son when taking him to away football matches, journeys which can take up to an hour. We have a close relationship and and being in possession of my chatty genes and open nature, we are never stuck for words. Time with my daughter is sometimes a look around the shops followed by a coffee pit-stop on a Saturday as well as indulging in our shared love of all programmes medical/forensic/murder and, she is 14 after all, The Kardashians. I would love to find more to do though that they would both enjoy, although bowling and eating out, is something we all enjoy.

My final resolution was to become a member of the gym again and to go frequently. This has proved to be the easiest of all and I can't tell you how much better I feel for it. I've been at least three mornings per week and often swim afterwards. I asked for a programme to help strengthen and tone everywhere but in particular my lower back and shoulders and it has worked wonders. I'm more energised and benefit hugely from the post workout buzz. It definitely sets me up for the day and I hit the ground (or perhaps the dining table from which I work), running once showered and dressed.

I got this fabulous new gym vest from fledgling company Fit For Keeps

The company was set up by two local (to me) mums from Leeds and Harrogate who designed and developed a revolutionary new kind of fitness equipment for use at home.

The Tuffit combines cardio and resistance training but looks like furniture and comes in a choice of two colours of base and fourteen fabric options for the top. It really is a fantastic design and had I not been a gym member would have been very keen to get one, so do take a look.

And February got off to the loveliest start with a delivery of flowers from Adam yesterday. Always an absolute treat and one which reminds me once again how lucky I am to have a romantic man.

Love Liz x


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  1. Spending time with our children is priceless isn't it. Now mine are grown ups, when I look back I am glad I was always there for them, to listen and read and play. It goes by so quick.


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