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Five Eye Make-Up Tips for Spectacle Wearers

I thought it might be useful to share the tips from my latest column in the current issue of Optometry Today in which I give make-up tips for spectacle wearers.
(Optometry Today is the professional journal for members of the optics profession and takes me back to my professional roots as an optometrist. I write a monthly feature that is fashion led but with a focus on eyewear and optics).

Make up tips for spectacle wearers

The trend for statement eyewear is set to stay and the days of hiding behind spectacles are long gone. Bold styles draw attention to the wearer’s face, so makeup must be flawless. 

Good lighting and a magnifying mirror are key for those who find it difficult to see their eyes without their glasses.

1.Banish Shadows
Frames and lenses can cast shadows underneath the eyes so apply concealer to the inner corners of the eyes and any place else the glasses cast a shadow. A lightweight liquid concealer is less likely to crease or look cakey. As with all make-up, apply with a light hand. It is easier to add more than to remove it and start again. Choose a shade a little lighter than the foundation and if necessary, use a peachy pink corrector to counter the greenish tone of under eye shadows.

2. Lengthen Lashes
Curl the top lashes with an eyelash curler to widen the eyes and to keep the eyelashes from touching the lenses. Thickening mascaras contain fibres that can deposit on the back surface of the lenses, so are best avoided. Consider a waterproof or long-lasting formula with a smaller brush to reduce clumping.

3. Draw a Line
Adjust eyeliner thickness to suit the frames. A thicker frame needs a thicker line to the upper lashline to make the eyes stand out. A finer frame needs a finer line. Light-coloured eye shadow with a luminescent finish will make the eyes look larger, while a darker matt finish will have the opposite effect. This should be considered alongside the magnifying or minifying effect of a significant prescription.

Make up tips for spectacle wearers

4. Define the Brows
Thanks to uber-model Cara Delevingne, dark, thick eyebrows are de rigeur. This look works well with a dark, thick frame but can overpower a delicate style. Neat, well-defined and in proportion with the frame is the aim of this eyebrow game.

Make up tips for spectacle wearers

5. Make a Face
Once the eye makeup is complete, put the spectacles on and look at the face as a whole. Ensure the rest of the maquillage balances the eyes. Define the cheekbones with blusher or bronzer and choose lip colour carefully. The notion of having only a strong eye or a strong lip is outdated. Go as bold as you dare and enjoy the attention.

Make up tips for spectacle wearers

Love Liz x

(All model images were taken from Google images.)

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  1. What an interesting post! I wear glasses and I will definitely be using some of your tips. I have put an eyelash curler on my shopping list for today!

  2. Ah, thank you Bee. I use eyelash curlers every day and they make such a difference. I don't wear glasses (though reading glasses are on the horizon) so it's lovely to have feedback from someone that does! Thank you xxxx

  3. Great tips, Liz! I've only recently started curling my eyelashes and it really does make a big difference. I think I need to invest in some new eyeshadows with a luminescent finish. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. Eyelash curlers make a huge difference yes. I couldn't do without mine! And yes, a luminescent finish will make your eyes look larger and draw attention to them. I'm guessing looking at your photos that you are myopic (short-sighted?) xxx

    2. I used to think eyelash curlers looked like a horrible torture device, haha! Love them now, though. Yes, short-sighted with astigmatism, as is my eldest sister! xxx

    3. I can't imagine not using them every day now!xxx


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