Sunday, 31 January 2016

Outfit: Animal Print Swing Dress, Styled for Winter

We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday, (Saturday), visiting my brother and sister-in-law in their new home and it was so good to see the sun put in an appearance, albeit between hail and snow showers.

My multi animal print dress is a lightweight dress, in a simple shape that lets the print speak for itself.  A long-sleeved top, opaque tights, a velvet jacket and boots made it very wearable for a winters day indoors and I'm very much looking forward to styling it for my summer holiday without the layers and with bare legs and sandals.
It's from Manchester based website Luxemme which stocks a wide range of  women's fashion.  

What Lizzy Loves wears animal print dress

What Lizzy Loves wears animal print dress

The back of the dress is beautiful.

What Lizzy Loves wears animal print dress

The top is a longline style, which fits neatly, adding minimal bulk and maximum comfort and warmth. 
It's from the Hope Fashion Foundation Range, the same range as the reptile print leggings I wore last week which I recommend with equal enthusiasm and confidence.

What LIzzy Loves wears plain black top from Hope Fashion foundation range

What LIzzy Loves wears animal print swing dress

The T bar leather wrap bracelet is by Danon and I stock it on my Lizzy O website.
There are several wrap bracelets like this and the leather is beautifully soft and supple making them very comfortable to wear. It comes with either a gold or silver heart charm which are set with Swarovski crystals (there is also one with dragonfly and heart charms).  I'm increasingly drawn to the warmer tones of gold coloured jewellery which is becoming ever more on trend.

wrap bracelet with gold swarovski crystal heart Danon jewellery leather

What LIzzy Loves wears Danon Jewellery leather wrap bracelet with gold swarovski crystal heart

Do keep an eye on Lizzy O over the next day or two. I have lots of gorgeous new designs to add (just in time for Valentines Day and Mothers Day!) 

Love Liz x

Outfit Details
*Damia animal print dress, Luxemme, £35
Black velvet jacket, Boden 2013
Black ankle boots, Clarks, 2013

My black top was a gift from Hope Fashion and my multi animal print was a gift from Luxemme. All opinions are 100% honest and all content is my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support What Lizzy Loves.

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Friday, 29 January 2016

My Week and What I Bought in the Boden Winter Clearance Sale

Gosh it's been a busy few weeks and I can hardly believe it's the last weekend in January. My weeks seem to fly by in a flurry of deadlines and meetings and today was the copy deadline for Aspire magazine, always a frenetic day.

The stormy miserable weather makes spring feel like a very long way off but because like all magazines, we work (at least) two months in advance, the fashion column I have just submitted for the March issue is about the upcoming trends for spring and summer.

Some are the predictable summer style classics- nautical, white, metallics and animal print, whereas others come as a surprise. Who would have thought that one of the hottest colours of the season in both fashion and lingerie is to be orange?
Of course somebody somewhere months and months back did just that. Decided that the future's going to be bright; but it's only when it filters down onto the high street that it really becomes a discernible trend.

Now I like orange but, as a fair-skinned redhead, it doesn't really return the favour, but I do have a fabulous pair of orange quilted Mulberry shoes from several years ago so I'll embrace this particular trend with a gentle caress rather than a full blown squeeze.  I find that adding a few well chosen accessories is the ideal way to dip a toe into a new trend especially if it might only be a one season wonder.

Oftentimes trends traverse fashion, jewellery and interiors and at this moment in time, I can't get enough of  metals of the moment, copper and rose gold. I'm on the lookout for a bag in those tones too.
I have added a copper table lamp and candle holders to the kitchen dining area at home and already, it looks more contemporary, and has perked it up a little.

The good news is, these warm metallic shades are here to stay.

Which brings me to these rather fabulous shoes.

I spotted them at the start of last season in Boden but at that time couldn't justify purchasing them. They have been reduced in the sale though and because I think they will go with a lot of things from summer dresses to skinny or boyfriend jeans, I ordered them and am pleased to report they are even more glittery and gorgeous in real life. (I have a photograph I took of them myself which I will put on Instagram which, in my opinion, shows off just how exquisite they are).

The Bow Heel in bronze glitter is, at the time of writing, reduced from £139 to £41.70.
(They fit true to size- mine are a 41 which is my usual Boden size).

They also come in black suede (suede being another trend for the new season). Black of course never goes out of fashion which is how I justified buying these too. They aren't reduced by quite as much as the copper but are still less an half of the original price at £55.50 from £139.

The Strappy T Bar comes in a variety of colours with many sizes still being available. The rose gold is absolutely beautiful and I think is a lovely warm neutral. I ordered them because I think it is the type of shoe that will work hard for the wardrobe throughout the seasons. They were only £20.70 from £69, but sadly when I tried them, they rubbed my little toe. It is very rare that I return any shoes for not being comfortable so I was a little disappointed. Do have a look though at the other colours though and give them a try. This style of shoe is fast becoming a classic and I can see these looking just as current in a year from now.

The final pair of shoes that I ordered from the Boden winter sale is from the Johnnie B teen range. These pull-on trainers in silver were £7.80, reduced from £26. I got a floral pair of these last summer also from Johnnie B and love them. I wore them throughout last summer and In fact wore them just last week with a cosy maxi sweater dress.
They are incredibly comfortable and are great for popping on with jeans, shorts and casual dresses. I would advise sizing down in this style. In last year's pair and in these I only needed a 40 instead of my usual 41 in the ladies styles.

I'm going to be adding some gorgeous new Danon stock to Lizzy O this weekend in readiness for Valentine's Day plus I'm going to write a post about Danon the brand because I don't feel I have introduced it properly (time got the better of me when I launched it just before Christmas).

In the meantime, do take a look at my accessories boutique for affordable wrap bracelets, pendants and scarves..

and at the Danon jewellery site Lizzy O for beautifully handcrafted jewellery. 

Both of my websites offer free UK delivery and everything comes beautifully presented (but sent in a plain postage bag for secret shoppers!)

I am probably going to consolidate my two online businesses too so that all of the accessories I sell are available in just one place but that might take a little time!

Have a lovely weekend,

Love Liz x


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Well-being: Seated Acupressure Massage

Regular readers will know that my day job entails writing for and editing Aspire Magazine, a local publication that is delivered to Skipton and the surrounding areas. 

Each month we feature a series of health columns and sometimes I am lucky enough to try a treatment which I then write about.

Last December, I had an acupressure massage at Craven Clinic in Skipton, the review of which appears in the latest, (February), issue

Seated Acupressure Massage, also known as On Site Massage, (OSM) is a twenty minute treatment given through the clothes, often at the workplace to a client who is seated. It was introduced in the USA at Apple and was later brought to the UK and a folding, ergonomic, portable chair was specially designed for optimum comfort.

Based on a traditional form of Japanese massage, the sequence works to improve the flow of energy throughout the body and acts on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Over 60 acupressure points are included, as well as specific trigger points. It is a revitalising treatment which aims to promote a sense of wellbeing, relax tense muscles and increase blood circulation.

My treatment was carried out by Elizabeth Crosland who asked me about my health and well-being before starting the treatment. I went the day before the print deadline for the January issue, so my shoulders and lower back attested to the many hours spent on the laptop that week.  

The chair, though unusual, was incredibly comfortable and my body felt totally supported. The client sits facing the back of the chair with the knees and the head on comfortable rests. 

(I took these photos with my phone, so the quality isn't perfect, but it gives a good enough idea).

The massage varied in pressure and tempo and was absolutely blissful. Liz eased my tense shoulders and massaged the ache away from my lower back- complaints typical of those who work at a desk. I honestly felt so comfortable that I could have stayed all afternoon. Liz was friendly, warm and professional and I felt completely at ease and in fact we chatted for quite a while after my treatment had finished. 

It was relaxing and soothing yet invigorating and I returned home to work feeling revitalised, energised and a lot more relaxed. 

It is done without oils or lotions and through the clothes so it is absolutely ideal to be taken to the workplace as well as hospitals, schools, exhibitions, public events, sport events, charity events.

If you are looking for a quick, beneficial boost which soothes, uplifts and increases productivity, I cannot think of a better option than this.

Love Liz x

Craven Clinic
Mount Pleasant
High Street
BD23 1JZ
01756 796690

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Lisbon: The City That Stole My Heart #ileftmyheartin

During my late twenties and thirties I visited some of the most iconic cities in the world. Sydney, New York, Singapore, Barcelona, Florence and Rome as well as all of our UK capital cities. I have wonderful memories of them all, albums full of photographs, and keepsake boxes full of souvenirs, plane tickets and other paraphernalia.

Each city was as enticing, as exciting and as memorable as the next, and I would return to every single one, but it was the city of Lisbon that stole my heart when I visited in October.

What Lizzy Loves, steps in Baixa, Lisbon
Beautiful stone steps in Baixa, Lisbon

It was my first holiday with Adam and we stayed in a small, independent hotel in Areerio, a ten minute taxi ride from Lisbon airport.

Baixa, the heart of the city is known also as downtown Lisbon and this was just a few Metro stops away from our hotel .

Rua Augusta is Lisbon's main pedestrian street which, in common with much of the rest of the city, has the most beautiful mosaic pavements.
The triumphal arch is the unmissable landmark at the end of Rua Augusta which leads through to Comercio Square and the River Tagus and was stunning rain and shine, night and day.

It reminded me of London's Covent Garden and Barcelona's Las Ramblas. It is lively and cosmopolitan with numerous outdoor cafes, a wide variety of shops and the occasional street performer.

Rua Augusta, Lisbon

Rua Augusta at night, Lisbon

Triumphal Arch, Lisbon

We went up to the top of the arch, via an elevator followed by two very narrow stone spiral staircases, on what was rather a grey day.

It afforded the most stunning views in every direction. The bird's eye view of the mosaic pavements and the hustle bustle of Rua Augusta to the north was spectacular.

Rua Augusta, Lisbon Birds Eye View

As was the view to the south of Comercio Square and the River Tagus.

Praco de Comercial, Lisbon

The bell at the top of the Triumphal Arch, Lisbon

The top of the Triumphal Arch, Lisbon

The top of the Triumphal Arch, Lisbon

Back on Rua Augusta, we discovered a wonderful street cafe, Sao Nicolau. We breakfasted, lunched and dined there several times and enjoyed Vinho Verde and bread during one of our pit stops. The staff were excellent- attentive yet unobtrusive and the food was simple, unpretentious, very fresh and delicious. We relished their simple dish of prawns in garlic butter.

What Lizzy Loves

What Lizzy Loves
Breakfast at Sao Nicolau

Lisbon is served by trams both as a means of public transport and as a tour vehicle.

Lisbon Coca Cola tram

We went on a Hills Tour around the city's narrow streets. There was commentary in several languages and it was fascinating to find out more about the history and to see what Lisbon looked like beyond Baixa.

This tour started and ended at Praca do Comercio.


Lisbon tram

The views afforded through the tram window were wonderful and quite unusual.

Lisbon tram

Lisbon yellow tram

Praco Dom Pedro IV, (also known as Rossio Square), is the main central square in Baixa.
At the north side of the square is the Teatro Nacional. The mosaic pavement is a sight to behold. Rossio train station is very close by.

Teatro, Lisbon

Fountain in Rosso square, Lisbon

What Lizzy Loves, Rossio square, Lisbon

It was from Rossio station that we travelled to Sintra, a journey that took 45 minutes.
Sintra is a picturesque town set amidst the pine covered hills of the Serra de Sintra, west of Lisbon. Home to a lot of monuments and historic buildings, because the slightly cooler climate attracted Portugal's elite and noble, who constructed palaces, extravagant residences and highly decorative gardens.

There are several hop-on, hop-off bus services which afford a circular route around the town with the option to visit other landmarks and attractions. We took one from the cente of Sintra, up through the narrow winding streets to perhaps the most recognisable landmark, The Palacio Nacional de Pena (Feather Palace). The flamboyant complex was commissioned by King Ferdinand II.


Each section of the exterior is individually styled with vivid colours, fine carvings and beautiful tiles and mosaics.



Access to the palace is unlimited and in parts it is quite precarious. Health and safety there is, (rather refreshingly), not an issue and the narrow walls, arches and turrets made for great viewing places.


So, why did I fall in Love with Lisbon?

I loved its unexpected quaintness. The architecture is beautiful with no skyscrapers or overtly modern constructions. Many buildings are exquisitely tiled or are painted in mouthwatering sorbet shades.


Tiled houses in Lisbon


It's chic but shabby chic, and elegant, but casually so and the mosaic pavements are works of art.

The local people are warm and welcoming and they offered the friendliest of service.

It is beautiful and unspoiled. Modest and unassuming, much like the man with whom I shared this wonderful trip. Our stay was relaxing yet invigorating and from it we have taken the fondest memories.

I left my heart in Lisbon.

And one day, I'll go back.

Love Liz x

This blog post was written for the #ileftmyheartin campaign hosted by Get Your Guide.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Outfit: The Maxi Sweat Dress by Monks on Vacation

Yesterday, Saturday, was the most perfect winter's day, in fact, the unseasonably warm temperature made it feel more like early spring. 

With my children otherwise occupied, Adam and I went out for lunch to one of our favourite restaurants, Rhubarb, at Herriots in Skipton, which is a short walk from my home along the canal towpath.

I wore a new dress by the brilliantly named Monks On Vacation

This is a new British brand headed up by Anneli Nowroz who wanted to create garments to suit a busy lifestyle and that are comfortable, stylish and easy to wear. The fabrics have all been knitted here in the UK and the manufacturing takes place in London. 

What is lovely too is that the model on the website is Anneli's Pilates teacher and while she is as beautiful as any professional model, she is a "real" woman which makes the brand easier for the customer- you and I- to identify with. 

The capsule collection comprises jersey jackets and tops with a striped tee which is a lovely alternative to a traditional breton, plus maxi skirts and pants all in neutral colours enabling much mixing and matching. 

The Maxi Sweat is made from a grey melange jersey and has oversized ribbing detail on the cuffs and hem, with pockets and a sumptuous roll neck. It's beautifully made and held its shape perfectly.
It's versatile too. Perfectly practical for our stroll along the canal, (though I did have to shorten my stride very slightly to accommodate the narrower-than-I'm-used-to hemline), and smart enough for lunch. 

It might possibly be the comfiest, snuggliest most cocoon-like dress I have ever worn and I absolutely love it.  

What LIzzy Loves wears maxi sweat dress by Monks on Vacation

What LIzzy Loves wears maxi sweat dress by Monks on Vacation

What LIzzy Loves wears maxi sweat dress by Monks on Vacation

The extra long sleeves really add to the cosiness of the dress and are a very stylish detail.
(I'm still in love with my double star ring too).

What LIzzy Loves wears maxi sweat dress by Monks on Vacation

The canal was very tranquil and still yesterday, so it was a very relaxing stroll. 

Skipton Canal, What Lizzy Loves

What Lizzy LOves, Skipton Canal

Ham hock terrine at Rhubarb restaurant, Skipton

Butternut Squash and cous-cous winter salad at Rhubarb restaurant, Skipton. What Lizzy Loves

Winter berries creme brulee at Rhubarb restaurant, Skipton. What Lizzy Loves

My ham hock terrine, winter salad of butternut squash with cous-cous and winter berries crème brûlée were accommodated rather nicely by this most flattering of styles.

It is THE perfect weekend dress.

Do take a look at the Monks on vacation website. It's a beautiful collection with pieces that will fit into any type of wardrobe, that are versatile, beautifully made and that will last.

Readers of my blog will get a 10% discount, plus free delivery, with use of the code Blog10 at the checkout.

Love Liz x

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Oufit Details
*Maxi Sweat, £160, Monks on Vacation.
Pull on skater shoes, Johnnie B at Boden SS14
Double star ring, Danon at Lizzy O £25

Disclosure: My dress was given as a gift from Monks on Vacation. All opinion is 100% honest and all content is my own. I was not paid to write this post. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support my blog.
© What Lizzy Loves. All rights reserved.
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