Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Outfit: Grey Scalloped Top, Denim Shorts and a Statement Necklace.

Today has been another very hot and humid one, something we're not very used to here in North Yorkshire! I wanted to wear shorts but with something a little smarter than a t shirt.
This grey scalloped edge top is another favourite from several summers ago. 
My statement necklace is courtesy of Happiness Boutique, an online treasure trove of beautiful clothes and accessories. 

Over 40 blogger What Lizzy Loves wears grey broderie top, denim shorts and grey and yellow statement necklace

Over 40 blogger What Lizzy Loves wears grey broderie top, denim shorts and grey and yellow statement necklace

Over 40 blogger What Lizzy Loves wears grey broderie top, denim shorts and grey and yellow statement necklace

I love the grey and neutral tones with the (almost neon) yellow.

Yellow and grey stone statement necklace

It arrived beautifully packaged with a bookmark featuring a lovely quote about happiness.

Yellow rhinestone statement necklace

Yellow rhinestone statement necklace

Love Liz x

Outfit Details
Grey broderie top, Bden
Denim shorts, Fat Face SS14
Rose gold sandals, Boden SS14

My necklace was a gift from Happiness Boutique. All opinions are 100% honest and all content is my own.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Outfit: Floral Roses Summer Dress

Well if the weather forecasters are to be believed, today marks the start of a heatwave predicted to last for around a week. It was certainly warm and bright today and it enabled me to get several loads of washing dried within a very short time. Between working and doing a supermarket shop I did a little gardening and ate my lunch al-fresco. 
I really do try to make the most of every sunny opportunity and am fortunate that I work from home.

This dress has been a favourite for at least four summers. I never tire of the floral rose pattern and the feminine silhouette.

Over 40s blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing multi coloured rose print summer dress with Boden rose gold sandals

Over 40s blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing multi coloured rose print summer dress

I have a few containers on my patio and this beautiful rose came into bloom over the weekend. It has the most beautiful delicate fragrance and I feel happy just looking at it.

Love Liz x

I wore this dress with different accessories (on this exact date last year, co-incidentally), for a tea party.

Outfit Details
Floral dress, Joules
Hummingbird watch, Olivia Burton
Small Cookie Cutter Bayswater Satchel in Oak, Mulberry
Rose gold sandals, Boden SS14
*Leather Wrap Bracelet with Crystal Heart, Danon £58

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Days Out: The Lake District

Yesterday's weather couldn't have been more different from today's. Yesterday was wall to wall rain. Today was wall to wall sunshine.
And it was yesterday, in the inclement weather, that Adam and I went to the Lake District. 

We parked in Ambleside...

...before taking a lake cruise across Lake Windermere to Bowness.

Where we had lunch with a view at The Ship Inn.

I thought the angry, brooding clouds were stunning.

Love Liz x

Outfit Details
*Striped Trench Coat, Laura Ashley SS15
Skinny Ankle Skimmers, Boden
*Dawson Revel Brogues, £40 Clarks SS15


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Outfit: Floral Skater Dress with Rose Gold Sandals

Another warm (but not sunny) day, another chance to wear a dress!
My friend and boutique co-owner Sally and I were out on the road again with our pop-up accessories boutique at another corporate venue close to Skipton. 
Our scarves always proved popular but we have been amazed by how successful the jewellery range has been. In fact we sold out of the wrap bracelet that I'm wearing today. We are looking to expand the range and are hoping to source new stock next week.

It is the copy deadline for Aspire magazine tomorrow so it always frantic as we have to check proofs and send the final few articles to our graphic designer, so that's what I spent the later part of the afternoon doing.
And this evening I'm going out with my friend Louise to see Pam Ayers in the Grassington Arts Festival. I had the privilege of interviewing her for Aspire so it will be lovely to see her show.

I love this dress. I first wore it for a Valentine's dinner date so it I always feel happy in it.

Over 40s blogger What Lizzy Loves wears floral skater dress with rose gold sandals and cardigan

Over 40s blogger What Lizzy Loves wears Closet floral skater dress with sandals

Over 40s blogger What Lizzy Loves wears floral skater dress with rose gold sandals

Taupe diamante plaited wrap bracelet with large cream flower ring

Love Liz x

I styled this dress in two other different ways in my blog post about transitional dressing. It is really very versatile.

Outfit Details
Portabello Dress in peach: Closet Clothing SS15 £55
Cardigan, Next SS15
Bowling Bag, Boden SS14
Wrap Bracelet,What Lizzy Loves Boutique (currently sold out but we are hoping to get more stock).
Ring, handmade by Sally
Rose gold sandals, Boden SS14

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Outfit: Lace Shift, Leopard Scarf and Sandals

Well, it was almost like summer today. Or spring at least.  As much as love my skinny jeans, I'm always happy when it's mild enough to go bare-legged so opted for this lace tunic dress, sandals and a scarf which I had shed by mid morning. 
Tunics like this are one of my favourite styles- I find the slight A-line very flattering and easy to wear and accessorise. The silhouette has more than a nod to the sixties, one of my favourite style decades.

Love Liz x

I wore this lace shift dress with nude tights and navy accessories back in April for a dinner date.
And I wore another favourite tunic dress, a vibrant printed silk one, (The Boden Eliza) last week with these rose gold sandals.

Outfit Details
Lace Shift Dress, Jack Wills, SS14
Rose Gold Sandals, Boden SS14
Small Bayswater Satchel, Cookie Cutter in Oak, Mulberry
Leopard Print Scarf, What Lizzy Loves Boutique, £10 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Beauty: Amphora Aromatics Eye Gel

The last week or so has seemed busier than ever and the days have seemed to fly by. In common with most working mamas, I would be grateful for an extra hour or two at the end of each day to catch my breath and unwind a little. Well of course, that isn't going to happen, but no matter what, I take my make-up off and cleanse, tone and moisturise my face thoroughly, regardless of the hour or the amount of fizz consumed. Those few minutes of pampering make all the difference.

I added a new product to the regime this last week,  Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel from Amphora Aromatics
The seaweed and aloe are gentle enough to enable the gel to be used as an eye make-up remover. Natural extracts of eyebright and cornflower soothe, while cucumber adds to the hydrating and calming effect. 

I wasn't familiar with the brand and as always, am interested in the background of the company. The founders, Christine and Peter Carroll travelled the world studying native traditional medicine systems and set up Amphora Aromatics on their return in the backroom of a small shop in Bristol in 1984. It is now one of the UK's largest suppliers of essential oils and aromatherapy products. 

The Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel is lightweight, easily absorbed and has a delicate scent. It feels cool and gentle and my eyes feel refreshed. It is one of those products that feels like an indulgence and I can't recommend it enough.

Love Liz x

The eye gel was a gift from Amphora Aromatics. All views are 100% honest and all content is my own.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father's Day: My Dad

I've always had a lovely relationship with my dad but we've become closer over the last year or so. During this time, he has taught me to use a drill, put up shelves and change the oil and water in my car. I've cried on his shoulder and asked for more help than during the rest of my entire life put together. And he's always there.

He is the constant, much needed and utterly adored male role model in my children's lives.

We're similar in many ways. We share the same romantic nature and the ability to cry at everything and nothing. We have the same shaped legs and love dandelion and burdock. 

He is warm, welcoming and gentle and thankfully, in this family, has the ability to laugh at himself. He loves my mum as much as the day he married her and he dotes on his five grandchildren. 
And I know with utter certainty that I am his favourite daughter, a fact my two brothers cannot dispute. 

He is a wonderful listener and a peacekeeper and is the best dad a girl could wish for.

Here we are 41 summers ago, on my first holiday when I was nine months old.

This was just two summers ago, taken at my cousin's wedding. We danced together to a live band. I'll never forget it.

He is always keen and willing to join in any kind of sporting activity. We went target shooting last summer when on holiday in Porto Santo.
I'm certain I beat him.

And this photograph was taken less than a week ago when we went out to lunch looking rather less hirsute than he did on the first photograph.

Happy Father's Day Dad.

I Love you,

Love Liz x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Outfit: Boden Printed Tunic Dress with Sandals

Yesterday was another brilliantly busy one, starting off with a morning spent with my friend and business partner Sally. We had a pop-up accessories shop at a local corporate head office. It was very successful and we sold out of several scarf designs and have very little jewellery left now. We were able to give a generous donation to Barnados, the chosen charity, always a good feeling. 

I had to rush away early, so I could get to Bradford University for the afternoon. 
My daughter is currently taking part in a Anglo-German engineering exchange programme. Along with the rest of the girls taking part, she was presenting a project in groups, in front of academics from several disciplines, as well as their own teachers and parents in one of the lecture theatres.

The standard of their designs and the competence of the presentations was incredible. It's hard to believe that these 14 year old English and German girls only started planning their project last Saturday in Hamburg and had just a day and a half to finish it this week back in Skipton on the return leg of the trip.

Language did not seem to be a barrier as each group presented their design complete with costings, materials, environmental impact in the most professional and mature way.

I couldn't have been prouder of them all and really do feel this has been an opportunity of a lifetime for my daughter. I know she'll take away happy memories, new skills and hopefully, a lifelong friendship with her German partner who we have loved having to stay in our home this week.

The day ended when we returned to my daughter's school for a celebratory evening meal.

I wore my printed silk tunic dress with silver low wedge sandals. It has served me well for a variety of occasions and I enjoy wearing it as much now as I did the first time.

What Lizzy Loves wearing Boden Eliza tunic dress with silver sandals

What Lizzy Loves wearing Boden Eliza tunic dress with silver sandals and yellow handbag

What Lizzy loves wearing Boden Eliza tunic dress

Boden Eliza dress with large silver heart pendant

Boden low silver wedge sandals

Love Liz x

I think dresses like this are incredibly versatile and have worn it three different ways in three different seasons (I am counting this latest way as summer, even though currently, it feels anything but).
Winter: with opaque tights and high heeled ankle boots
Spring: with nude tights and THE Boden Alice shoes for a party

Outfit Details
Eliza Tunic Dress, Boden SS15
Yellow Bag, Boden SS14
Silver Sandals, Boden SS13
Large Silver Heart Pendant, What Lizzy loves Boutique £12

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Outfit: Red Broderie Anglaise Dress, Snake Wedges

It's been a lovely, if slightly hectic, day or two- a combination of business, pleasure and the usual errands and chores.

My daughter has been on an exchange trip to Germany and returned last night with her German counterpart who is absolutely lovely and whose English is quite remarkable for a 14 year old. This evening, my parents came for an early supper along with my son's friend whose mother, my dear friend Barbara, is Italian. So what better way than to celebrate this mix of European cultures than with a curry! Two curries actually. One chicken and one vegetable (dopiaza-sweet potato, chickpea, cauliflower and broccoli) and I baked cupcakes too.

The dress is another of my favourites and it is at least three summers old. I adore the broderie anglaise and the scalloped hemline. I do love an excuse to wear a dress.

red broderie anglaise Boden dress

Red broderie anglaise Boden dress with wedge sandals

Love Liz x

Outfit Details

Dress, Boden SS13
Sandals "Pafos Emery" Clarks SS14
Watch, Olivia Burton
Bracelet, Pandora
Heart necklace, gift from my daughter.

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