Sunday, 6 December 2015

Wellbeing; Acupuncture without Needles

When I was assigned to experience and write about an acupuncture session for the December issue of Aspire magazine, I didn't quite know what to expect and it transpired that my treatment was to be a variation on more traditional methods.

Acupuncture Point Energy Therapy (A.P.E.T) without needles is an advanced way of healing and improving mind and body whilst balancing and enhancing the inner energies. It has an holistic, safe approach to human well-being and is without known side effects or contra-indications.

I visited Gustavo Castelli at his clinic, a warm, comfortable cabin in his garden. A mathematician and physicist originally from Uruguay, he trained in Chinese medicine and specialises in Chi Kung, the emphasis of which is on self- help and which treats causes not symptoms and which aims for patient independence. 
He developed a technique that uses copper rods instead of needles which has been proven to be more powerful than traditional acupuncture.

I sat in a comfortable chair, my feet on a footstool. Gustavo asked about my medical history and of any specific concerns. I replied in the negative, so he worked on my body generally. Two fine, blunt copper rods were pressed initially onto my scalp, then onto my wrist and palm followed by my knee and ankle. I relaxed with my eyes closed and although I was aware of the pressure from the rods, it didn’t hurt. 

After thirty minutes, Gustavo told me of several findings that had become apparent. The accuracy and significance was surprising, unnerving almost and it was interesting to discover that life events have seemingly affected the inner me more than I realised. Life events which I believe Gustavo could have had no prior knowledge of. I have to admit that I was a more than a little taken aback and surprised by Gustavo's observations. 

He was very kind and had a quiet, calming manner and having brought my hyperactive mind(!)  to my attention, reminded me that it's ok to slow down or even stop once in a while and gave me some meditative breathing techniques to help me do so. 

The whole process was fascinating and one which I view with respect and awe and one about which I would be very interested to find more. 

Love Liz x

Gustavo Castelli
Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Chi Kung Therapist, Reiki Master

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