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Skiwear Trends

You may or may not know that I'm an optometrist (ophthalmic optician) by profession, though I have not practised for several years now. 

My interest in the field has never waned so I was delighted when invited by the Clinical Editor of Optometry Today, to write a monthly column for the publication. The said editor happens to be a very dear friend who I met 25 years ago, when we studied optometry together at Aston University in Birmingham. He is one of the funniest, most intelligent and kind men I know and it's a pleasure to be liaising with him in a professional manner along with our usual banter via Facebook.

The publication is a professional journal for those in the ophthalmic and optometric industry and my brief is to write a fashion led column with particular reference to eyewear, spectacle trends and eyes in general, thus combining my clinical background with my current job as a copywriter and blogger. 

What follows is taken from the December column which looks at celebrity inspired skiwear trends along with a slightly (only very slightly) more technical look at ski goggles...

Ski wear must fulfil several practical and functional criteria, but a ski break need not equate to a style break. There are many ways of looking fashionable whilst keeping warm and dry.

Look to the celebrities to help figure out the latest trends and adapt them for your own winter holiday wardrobe.
Gwen Stefani was seen last season clashing a leopard print jacket with a tartan scarf. Pay homage to her daring look with animal print goggles or hat.

It is Little Black Dress Season, so why not opt for a LBS (Little Black Suit). Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are only too aware of the slimming properties of a monochromatic ensemble and are nothing if not permanently paparazzi ready. 

Victoria Beckham, no stranger to monochrome, favours a black head band and jacket with white trousers when going off piste.

Fear not if monochrome doesn’t appeal. Bright colours have become increasingly popular since Pippa Middleton sported a bright orange hat and red jacket during a charity cross-country skiing event. 

From the runway to the black run, faux fur is a ubiquitous winter styling detail. Faux fur collars and fur-trimmed gloves are cosy, classic and worn by Pixie Lott on the mountains. A style staple on and off the slopes and perfect for Apres-Ski.

Goggles are an essential part of any ski or snowboarding kit. Manufacturers have worked relentlessly in recent years to improve optical clarity. Lenses are predominantly double-paned, designed to prevent fogging. In addition, mid to high end brands have an anti-fogging coating or vents which generate airflow and prevent condensation. 

Brands of note are Giro whose Zeiss lenses offer exceptional optional clarity and performance and Australian brand Smith, whose outstanding ergonomic designs and anti-fog technology make their goggles a perennial favourite. 

Styles with wider lenses for a greater field of view have seen an increase in production of late.  The inevitable size and weight increase has been compensated for in designs such as the Spy Doom and the Oakley Flightdeck, streamlined to provide ultra-stylish wide-angled vision.  

Goggle manufacturers have recognised the desire for fashion-forward designs. The practical functionality is taken as a given by the consumer, it is the look of the product that sells. Urban styles are being incorporated into more and more collections with designs that capture the essence of casual street wear. 

Love Liz x

(Celebrity photographs taken from Google Images)

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