Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Month That Was...September

I can't believe it's the last day of September already. The month has just flown by.
September often feels calm, although the last two weeks have at times been a little frenetic, but it's been a month for regrouping, taking stock and getting back into a routine after the long summer holiday. I loved school so the new term in September was something I always looked forward to, regardless of how fantastic my childhood summers were. New uniform. New exercise books. New pencil case. New start.

So this September I've tried to incorporate a few changes into my daily routine.

I've mentioned many many times that I'm a freelance copywriter and editor for a local lifestyle magazine. This, plus writing my blog and running a (very small) online business means I sit in front of my laptop at home for hours on end. I do go out and meet clients about whom I'm writing and I do, at least once a week, meet with friends for coffee, but I'm home alone for the majority of the working week. I'm very happy in my own company and I love my job and the flexibility that self-employment affords so I've decided to take a walk around the local park, every day if possible, even if just for 20 minutes, to get fresh air and exercise and to blow away the cobwebs. I can combine this with a trip to the post office to post the scarves and jewellery, so the time is used wisely. Business and pleasure.

The beautiful weather we've been having means the park looks beautiful and I was disproportionately excited to find not one, but two conkers when walking today.

The tranquility these short breaks affords is priceless and the benefit on mind and body is immediate.
This is something I will make every effort to continue doing.

I'm the main provider for my children and they're at an age where they're growing quickly and are being offered wonderful, enriching opportunities through school to travel and to partake in exciting experiences that they will remember forever.

I want to give them the world.

Well, doesn't every parent?

So it's easy and tempting to keep on working and to keep on doing "just a little bit more" to grow my social media, to promote my boutique, to build my blog until late into the evening.
But, I also know that they want, need and value my time and my company more than anything. My daughter loves nothing more than sitting with me and watching a bit of reality television while evaluating people's eyebrows.
My son is keen to tell me every detail about his rugby and football matches, often with re-enactment, and I want to listen. So, I have decided to be more disciplined and to turn the laptop off as soon as the children have finished their own homework. That way, the evening is ours to do with what we choose.

These two changes have already made a difference.
That old (horse?) chestnut that is the work-life balance, seems to be reaching equilibrium and along with other small changes including drinking more water, reading more and asking the children to help more around the house, I'm hoping that this autumn will not have even a hint of discontent.

My blog is not only my hobby and my passion, but a wonderful way of capturing memories. A virtual journal to look back on over time and to reflect upon and looking back over September, I think my favourite day out was to Tatton Park, during which Adam and I had a private viewing of the art installation at the Mansion House.

We launched the latest boutique collection at the start of the month. The scarves are my favourite designs to date with rich vibrant colours and ever popular leopard print, now available in three colourways (turquoise, mustard and green)

I was thrilled to win a customisation competition hosted by the Next Bloggers Network. Art and craft are definitely not my forte so this was an unexpected outcome.

And September saw some spectacular skies...

Photograph by Adam O'Brien

...and some fabulous animal print shoes.

Patent leather leopard print shoes, worn with LBD and statement necklace

Snakeprint Lace Up Flats, (worn with grey roses top and grey coated skinnies)

Zebra print shoes, worn with black dress with beaded collar

September's been brilliant, but October?
October's going to be amazing!

Love Liz x

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