Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Days Out: "Guardian Angels" Art Installation, Tatton Park

One of my most read blog posts over the summer was that about our trip to Tatton Park, Cheshire. As a result of this, I was invited back to take a look at a comtemporary art installation currently housed in the Tatton Park Mansion.

We went on Monday of this week but were told on the gate that The Mansion and farm are closed every Monday (I hadn't thought to check the website). To cut a long story short, the lovely staff opened The Mansion specially and granted a private viewing which was so wonderful, very informative and an utter privilege.

The instillation is by Portuguese artist Cristina Rodrigues, who lives and works in Manchester. 

"Guardian Angels" is inspired by the plight of declining rural communities and the ensuing loss of local traditions. Her art celebrates the role of women in society. 

The contemporary art is juxtaposed beautifully against the neo-classical splendour of the mansion.
"Sea of Shoes" held great appeal to me. Row upon row, they are based on modern working shoes as worn by women in Manchester and inspired by Tatton's large porcelain collection.

"Enlightenment" reflects a fallen chandelier and fallen light and the beads represent enrichment, discovery and the experiences that we gain in layers as we grow.

There are a lot of wall-hangings in different colourways throughout the exhibition, many of which had been crafted by women in rural Portuguese villages using traditional methods.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and Cristina applied an almost literal interpretation by the addition of ceramic hearts sitting on ribbons to show how our hearts connect. The red reflects the blood and energy of the family.
I think this is perhaps the most striking of all, the contrast between traditional and modern at its most apparent.

The staff told us that the exhibition has divided opinion and I can see why. 
At first glance, it can be hard to see what story the artist is telling but each piece is accompanied by a written explanation which adds context and meaning so making it easier to interpret and understand.

It reminded me to look a little closer, look a little deeper and that things aren't always what they first seem.

I love nature, the outdoors and the tranquility afforded by large gardens like those at Tatton and was eager to see how they look in early autumn compared to midsummer when I last visited.

The pears looked almost ready to harvest.

And there were so many windfalls.

The stellate form of these flower skeletons is so beautiful.

And, despite it being slightly damp as my brogues and hair will attest, it was a beautiful autumn day out.

Love Liz x

Huge thanks to the staff of Tatton Park for the complimentary passes and for making us feel so welcome.
"Guardian Angels" runs until 4th October 2015.

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