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How to Style Brogues

I'm a huge fan of brogues and have several pairs which I wear with skinny jeans, cropped trousers and dresses.

Cream lace dress with pink brogues
Cream Lace Dress with Pink Brogues
They've been popular for several seasons now and with no sign of their popularity diminishing, I think they can now, without doubt, be named as a fashion classic.

I first published this post in 2013 and it continues to be one of my most read posts, so I updated it in April 2016 with new images of looks I love, (some celebrity), and with photographs of how I wear my brogues (under which are links to the relevant blog posts for full details).
All images are taken from Pinterest unless they are my own photographs.

I'll keep on adding more to this post, so do check back if you love brogues as much as I do.

brogues with a dress
Alexa Chung: brogues with a dress and socks

Brogues with a shift dress and bare legs
Taylor swift wearing brogues with opaque tights and a skirt dress
Taylor Swift: black brogues with a dress and opaque tights.
White vest, blazer, brogues, dark skinny jeans
Taylor Swift: brogues with skinny jeans and blazer
brogues with ripped jeans
Brogues with ripped boyfriend jeans
Brogues with ripped boyfriend jeans
Brogues with jeans and socks
Alexa Chung: brogues with shorts
tan leather brogues witha dress and opaque tights
Tan leather brogues with a dress and opaque tights
tan leather brogues with a dress and opaque tights
Tan leather brogues with a dress and opaque tights.
tan leather brogues with floral dress, navy opaque tights and a hat
Tan leather brogues with floral dress, navy opaque tights and a cloche hat
Tan leather brogues worn with bare feet and skinny jeans
What Lizzy Loves, over 40 blogger, 40+ blogger. Jersey tweed jacket. Metallic brogues, dragonfly top, mint green bowling bag
Metallic brogues with skinny jeans and tweed blazer
What Lizzy loves over 40 fashion blogger wearing lemon yellow brogues with skinny jeans, floral top and yellow Boden handbag
Lemon yellow brogues with skinny jeans and floral top
yelloe brogues wotn without socks and grey coated skinny jeans an floral top
Lemon yellow leather brogues with grey jeans and floral top
Grey lace dress with purple brogues
Grey Lace Dress with Purple High Heeled Brogues
Purple Braintree dress with purple high-heeled brogues
Purple Braintree Dress with Purple High-Heeled Brogues

Floral midi skirt and pink brogues
Floral midi skirt and pink brogues

Without exception, every pair of my brogues is from Clarks. They are well-made, incredibly comfortable and fit true to size. At the time of updating this post, April 2016, this a selection of their current range.
Clarks Hamble Oak Brogues
Brogues, available from Clarks
And take a look at my dedicated Pinterest board for even more inspiration.

Love Liz x


  1. Super Cute shoes!! It makes me want a pair!!!

    1. Thank you. They are lovely aren't they x

  2. Love this outfit on you - you've styled your brogues perfectly! Love that they are metallic too. Lynne xx

    1. Thank you so much Lynne. I can't resist metallic shoes or bags and they go with everything too xxx

  3. Love your brogues and your blouse gorgeous. I note Taylor Swift has dogs on her skirt <3

  4. I'm so tempted to get a pair but I'm so short & I'm scared I'll look like my old French teacher! LOL! You have tempted me even more & so maybe its time to try a pair on! Picture 3 is gorgeous & I have picture 4 on my Pinterest board too! Ax

    1. Haha! I'm sure you look nothing like your French teacher! xxxx

  5. thanks for this! has given me some ideas.I've just bought the Frankie brogues (Office) shown above in burgundy and they are a great shoe and come in lots of different colours and suede as well as leather.

  6. They look amazing! What would you say about wearing brogues when you are "sturdy" legs? I'm 5:7, a size 12/14, and I have always felt sort of self-conscious of my legs. However I love brogues, but I wonder how to wear them in the spring/summer time. Any advice?
    Thank you :)

    1. Hi Clothilde,
      I don't think shape or size matters so long as you feel right.
      They do take a bit of getting used to at first especially if you're used to a daintier shoe or heels.
      I think they would look great with cropped trousers or jeans and perhaps a looser, longer top.
      It's worth trying a few pairs with a variety of outfits. And take some photos so you can compare various styles.
      Good luck. I'd love to hear how you get on, love Lizzy xxx

  7. These are really cute!! I love brogues! However I've always felt self-conscious of my legs (I'm 5'7"; a size 12/14, average woman really!), and I've wondered if they would look as nice on me as on a skinnier lady. I've also wondered how to wear them in the spring/summer, appart from trousers. Any advice? :)

  8. Is it ok to wear jeans full length with brogues and socks? Seen Taylor swift wearing them like that in a few pics. Tried wearing mine with jeans rolled up, but doesn't feel right, even though I wear ballets and converse with jeans rolled up! My brogues are size 6 black hamble oaks. X

    1. Hi Emma, I think it's perfectly fine to wear full length jeans with socks and brogues. I think it's a very preppy look. You could go for plain navy or black socks, or if you're feeling braver,what about a striped pair? I have the Hambke Oaks in a wine colour and they're a little hard to wear without socks or tights. I tend to wear plain navy socks with mine with skinny jeans. Good luck. Feel free to email a photo too! Love Lizzy xxx

  9. I love my brogues, but like you I tend to style them more with dresses and skirts than with jeans. All the jeans have given me some new ideas - thanks! #Brillblogposts

    1. You're very welcome. yes, it's always nice to get inspiration to style thing differently xxx

  10. I like your style and really want a pair of brogues now 😉 #brilliantblogposts

    1. Ah, thank you so much! I do love my brogues xxx

  11. My friend introduced me to brogues in college and I used to think they were too manly for me. But I since became a brogue convert. You're right with the styling they go with so many outfits and are such a handy pair of shoes to own in all styles and colours!

  12. Just bought the pink Hamble brogues from Kaeidoscope but they are Clarks. So comfy and love love the colours , not really Autumn/winter shades but will wear anyway. Impressed that you changed the laces to ribbons, maybe next summer . Now need tops and a jacket to go with them ! Thanks


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