Sunday, 24 May 2015

Styling a Nautical Bikini Three Ways

By no stretch of the imagination is it bikini weather. Nor is it likely to be any time soon. 
So why am I standing outside on wet ground in temperatures barely in double figures?
It's because this post will ultimately be part of a style challenge. I was invited to choose a piece of beachwear from Bonprix  and style it two ways.

This nautical bikini caught my eye. I love the shape of the top and the red tie accents just add a little something.

over 40 blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing navy and white nautical striped bikini. Bikini for the over 40s. Can you wear a bikini if you are over 40. How to wear a bikini if over the age of 40.

over 40 blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing navy and white striped nautical bikini. Bikini for over 40s. Can you wear a bikini over the age of 40

I guess this is a variation of one of my daytime staple looks- breton stripes with a floral scarf. Only in this case I'm using my scarf as a sarong for a look suitable for going from beach to bar.

Over 40 blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing navy and white striped nautical bikini with blue daisy sarong. Over 40 bikini. Can you wear a bikini over 40

This second look is one I hope to wear on my laid back summer holiday in Devon. For idly perusing the shops and walking along the shore.

Over 40 fashion blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing navy and white bikini top with denim shorts and lemon yellow cardigan. How to wear a bikini over 40. Bikini for over 40s. Can you wear a bikini over the age of 40. How to wear a bikini when over 40

Love Liz x

Added on 4th June 2015:
I have written a subsequent post with tips and ideas for choosing the right bikini along with advice about beach cover-ups.

Denim Shorts, Fat Face, SS14
Lemon Cardigan, Next SS15
Rose Gold Sandals, Boden, SS14


Friday, 22 May 2015

Jewellery: The Most Fabulous Chandelier Earrings

I love jewellery. Really love jewellery. Always have done. I wear a variety every day and have an extensive collection. But earrings are something I don't think about quite as much as bracelets, necklaces or rings. I wear little silver studs every day, (with my birthstone in- a 40th birthday present from my friend Charlotte), and occasionally some drop earrings but I don't have many.

So, when I was offered the chance to try some clip-on earrings from Eternal Collection I was intrigued. My ears are pierced so clip-on earrings are not even on my radar. 

It took me back about 30 years, to when I used to watch Dynasty and was totally in awe of Alexis Colby's fabulousness, not least her removing a clip-on earring to answer the phone. 
I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Please tell me I'm not. 
My paternal grandmother, from whom I inherited my love of jewellery, gave me a pair of her clip-on earrings and I was beyond thrilled. They were oval shaped "rubies" surrounded by "diamonds" and I loved them more than anything. 
But they were agony to wear! The pinched my earlobes and if I moved my head suddenly they slid off. On my 8 year old self they must have looked ridiculous, but in my head, I was as awesome and glamorous as Joan Collins. 

Eternal Collection have over 1700 hundred pairs to choose from so it took me quite some time to choose. I decided to go for a statement pair, so opted for these beautiful Bluebell Crystal Chandeliers.
They're silver plated with cubic zirconia and Swarovski clear crystals in an art deco style and are absolutely stunning.

What I didn't realise is that there are different fitment options which can be adjusted for optimum comfort.
In fact there is an excellent YouTube Video demonstrating how to adjust the fitting. 

I put them on this morning to see if they stayed put and if they were comfortable. I wanted to try them properly. They didn't need any adjustment, although I did reposition the right one as it wasn't initially as comfortable as the left, after which it was totally comfortable. I wore them for four hours and actually forgot about them. In fact I went to the beautician wearing them (sans make-up and sporting very casual jeans and jumper, so not really the right look for these beauties) and it was only when I caught sight of them in the mirror that I remembered so took them off. 

The fitting is very discrete and an observer would have to look very closely to see that they were clip-on.

My verdict?

They're brilliant and I love them.. 
I'm going to a formal Midsummer Ball next month at my son's school, and these will be my earrings of choice. 

I love Eternal Jewellery and have a beautiful vintage inspired cocktail ring which I wore to my grandfather's 90th birthday celebrations and a honey bee necklace which I wore last autumn.

Love Liz x

My earrings were a gift from Eternal Collections. All opinions are 100% honest and all content is my own.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Outfit:Floral Dress with Brogues and Wraparound Heart Bracelet.

Since transforming my spare bedroom into a dressing room, I've found it much easier to make a decision about what to wear, because everything is visible on hanging rails. I've also found I'm wearing more of my clothes for that same reason. 
For a normal working day such as today, (writing for Aspire magazine, writing my blog, doing the housework and taking a trip to the post office to dispatch boutique purchases), my default outfit is skinny jeans and breton top with ballerinas or brogues. But today, I wanted to wear this dress because I saw it hanging there and thought it would make a nice change. 

What Lizzy Loves wears a floral dress with tan leather brogues

What Lizzy Loves wearing a floral dress with tan leather brogues

My leather wrap heart bracelet is by Danon. The leather is beautifully soft and supple and I love the sparkle afforded by the crystals in the heart. For quite a while, I didn't wear much yellow gold jewellery, instead preferring white gold or silver coloured, but I'm acquiring more and more. It's warm and flattering and I'd be hard pressed to say which I prefer now.

What Lizzy Loves wears Danon leather wrap bracelet with gold heart with crystals

I'm a huge fan of Danon jewellery and I have a leather wrap bracelet with a silver dragonfly as well as a long dragonfly pendant from this brand. (Links to blog posts featuring these at the foot of the post), 

Love Liz x

Other Blog Posts featuring Danon Jewellery:
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See this post for different ways of styling brogues

Outfit Details
Green Peony "Vicky" Dress, Joules AW14
Hamble Oak Tan Brogues, Clarks £60
*Danon Leather Wrap Bracelet with Crystal Heart, Bijouled £58

My bracelet was a gift from Danon. All opinions are 100% honest and all content is my own.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Outfit: Rolled Up Skinnies With Graphic Turquoise Scarf and Ballerinas

The "problem" with having one's own boutique is the overwhelming temptation to want to wear everything in it. Of course, everything in it is a reflection of my own taste and when choosing stock, I'm drawn to items that would work in my own wardrobe. 
This scarf caught my eye among a sea of others because of the vibrant turquoise colour. I immediately thought of my turquoise ballerinas and how well they would match. 

It's a little different to those that we've had before. It's 100% linen and has a beautiful, quite open slubby texture. And tassels. I love the tassels. 
The stylised roses remind me a little of those by Rennie Mackintosh and the colours are zesty and bright.

The scarf is also available in bright pink.

My turquoise shoes are from The British Flat Shoe Companyand they're as comfortable as they are stylish.

...and with Mackintosh in mind,  look at these fabulous  Scottish Saltire shoes also from The British Flat Shoe Company

I'm desperately trying to find a tenuous link to a Scottish ancestor...

Love Liz x

Outfit Details
Turquoise Scarf and Pink Scarf, What Lizzy Loves Boutique, £10
Turquoise Shoes, The British Flat Shoe Company £105
*Phoenix High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Fever London £49.99
White Broderie Tee, Fat Face


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Outfit: Floral Top and Grey Longline Cardigan

Thank you for all of the lovely comments on yesterday's post.  I am overwhelmed with all of the support and lovely messages and I feel very touched that so many people took the time to leave a comment or send a message. 

A normal day today which was spent working from home this morning followed by a quick catch up with my friend Sally and a few errands in town.

I spent the evening was spent with the other Sally, (my business partner and friend). We had a pop-up accessories shop at fund raising event in aid of breast cancer research about an hour's drive from here at Horsforth golf club. We always like attending charity events and were thrilled to be able to donate a percentage of our sales to what is a very worthy cause.

My top is one I bought last week when there was 20% off at Ted Baker. I was of course drawn to the beautiful shades of yellow in it as well as the stunning floral pattern. I like the unstructured shape and I'm looking forward to wearing it with denim shorts should summer decide to put in an appearance. 

This double wrap bracelet is new to my boutique. It is black suede effect with snake print detail and diamantes. It's very comfortable and easy to wear and I love it.

And I added my longline cardigan for much needed warmth.

Love Liz x

See this post for different ways of styling brogues

Outfit Details
Paper Petals T Shirt, Ted Baker £45
Heart pendant, £12, What Lizzy Loves Boutique
Black and Snake Wrap Bracelet, £.12.50. What Lizzy Loves Boutique
*Dawson Revel Brogues, £40 Clarks SS15Longline Cardigan, Fat Face
Graphite coated Jeans, Laura Ashley, AW14

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Monday, 18 May 2015

My Blog's Second Birthday- What a Year!

I can hardly believe it but today is my blog's second birthday. My life seems a world away from what it was this time last year. So much has changed. The blog post I wrote one year ago today received more comments than any other blog post to date and I was overwhelmed with messages from women around the world, some of whom I knew, some I didn't. On that day too, I launched my online accessories boutique with an aquaintance Sally, who quickly became one of my closest and dearest friends.

A year ago, I was struggling to come to terms with the fact that my (now former) husband of almost 15 years had been unfaithful with a friend of mine over the course of five years. I later discovered that she wasn't the only object of his affections during this time. It's little wonder I struggled. 

I reverted to my maiden name, changing it by deed-poll, sold the matrimonial home and moved into temporary accommodation for a short while. Last November, we moved into a brand new house, the excitement of which was somewhat dampened, rather literally, by a flood of raw sewage two days after we moved in, necessitating the removal and replacement of carpets laid just 48 hours earlier. Perhaps the most surprising thing though, was that we survived without wifi for two long months after we moved in.

I sold my car (to pay for my solicitor), and now lease a cute little yellow one in which I buzz here, there and everywhere. It's fun, lighthearted and way too bright for me to go unnoticed should I wish to get up to mischief. 

In Autumn last year, I contacted the editor of Aspire magazine and secured a monthly fashion column. In January of this year, she offered me the position of editor and writer. In this role, I've been lucky enough to review restaurants, write about local authors and recently had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing Pam Ayers. It's my dream job. 

Existing friendships have deepened as have the already close relationships with my parents and brothers. I count my blessings every single day that I'm surrounded by loving, caring people. 

My confidence, which plummeted, has returned and I'm brimming with excitement and optimism. I feel like I'm my true self now. A sparklier, shinier version of that self that had gradually and insidiously been quashed and dulled during the currency of my marriage. 
I now have the confidence to embrace my frivolous side, to ask men in shops for help, to walk into a room full of couples on my own. I also have the confidence to say openly, that unless someone is 100% on my side, they will not be part of my life, because, there aren't two sides to this particular story. So I know with utter certainty, that our new home, will only ever be graced by those that love and fully support us. 
And it is. There's a constant stream of friends and family and these four walls are filled with love, laughter and happiness.

But most, most importantly, my children are happy and secure. They love our new home and the convenience living in town affords. They know they're loved without condition and that they'll always be my priority. It hasn't been easy for them. It still isn't but we are, in their words, an awesome threesome. I know that despite their embarrassment of epic proportions when I associate with them in public, they love and respect me and are not afraid to tell me so (behind closed doors of course).  We have a lot of fun and they happily play by my rules. 

The silver lining is so, so much bigger than the cloud and I'd go through it all again to be where I am today.

So, thank you, thank you for continuing to read my blog and for supporting me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin
And to anybody going through a similar thing, hang on in there. You're stronger than you think and you will get there in the end. I promise.

It's been quite a year.

Love Liz x


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Outfit: Skinny Jeans, White Tee, Snake Print Wedges and Palm Leaf Scarf

It's oh so quiet. 

My children were out during the middle of the day so I was home alone. I took the opportunity to run some errands, clean the inside of my car and do some writing for both my blog and for Aspire, the magazine for which I write. 
I wore these wedge sandals on Friday night when I went to the races and got a lot of lovely compliments both in real life and on social media but I realised when looking back at the photos that the ankle strap was hidden by my jeans. Today I rolled up my skinnies so the whole shoe could be seen. 

I love all animal print but snake and leopard are my favourite and I do find they work as a neutral, co-ordinating with almost everything. 

My scarf is a new addition to my accessories boutique (and is also available in blue). I chose this design because khaki is huge this season and I don't have many neutral coloured scarves, nor any with such a large bold print. I love it and think it would be ideal to wear as a sarong over beachwear, given its generous size.

And I can hardly believe it, but tomorrow is my blog's second birthday. I'll be reflecting and thinking about how my life has changed over the last 12 months in tomorrow's post.

Love Liz x

I styled this white broderie tee differently last month with spring pastels.

Outfit Details
White Broderie Tee, fat Face SS14
*Phoenix High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Fever London 
Pafos Emery Wedge sandals, Clarks SS14 (Clarks have a great selection of animal print shoes currently, with some worthwhile seasonal disounts)
Khaki Palm Leaf Scarf, What Lizzy Loves Boutique, £10


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Outfit: Floral Top, Heart Pendant and Snake Print Wedges

I had a brilliant time with my girl friends last night at a fundraising event at the church hall. We went last year and had much hilarity and this year was even better. It was a race night during which races are shown on a big screen, bets placed and much Prosecco consumed. We had pie and peas for supper too which was absolutely delicious.

It had been lovely and sunny all day and remembering how warm last year's event was, I opted for a lightweight floral top with jeans and wedge sandals. 

The heart pendant is new to my boutique. The silver heart pendants have proved to be very popular so I was keen to get something similar in gold. This design has a taupe leather chord and the heart itself is in a rose gold tone. I absolutely love it.

The plaited double-wrap bracelet is also new to my boutique. Again, it's a taupe colour with diamante detail. It's subtle enough for day wear but has enough sparkle to shine in the evening.

I know this fabulous group of friends because our children went to the same primary school. They are, from left to right, Sally B, Louise and Barbara...

...Annemarie and Sarah.

Love Liz x

I styled this top differently last spring with yellow heels and high waisted jeans.

Outfit Details
Skinny Ankle Skimmers, Boden £49
Heart Pendant, £12 What Lizzy Loves Boutique
Plaited Wraparound Bracelet £9.50 What Lizzy Loves Boutique
Wedge Sandals, Clarks SS14
Lilas Top, Joules SS14

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Outfit: Quirky Printed Top with Tan Brogues and Satchel

Today was the perfect mix of business and pleasure as my friend and business partner Sally and I took to the road to source new stock for our boutique. We're delighted with how well the spring stock has sold and we have a few events coming up as well as our summer launch on June 1st, so we needed to choose some new designs. We've chosen some beautiful new scarves and are expanding the range of jewellery too. I'll be wearing and photographing the samples over the next week or so and I couldn't be more excited.
As always, most of our time together is spent laughing and gossiping and it never feels like work when we're together.

I opted for my cropped skinny jeans, with a printed Ted Baker top, tan leather brogues and my Mulberry Baysawater satchel.

Love Liz x

I  wear my clothes over and over but try to style them differently, with different footwear and accessories, so here are some other blog posts featuring this Ted Baker top or the tan leather brogues.

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Outfit Details
Skinny Jeans, Boden £49
Hamble Oak Tan Brogues, Clarks £60
*Dragonfly and Heart Leather Wrap Bracelet, Danon at Jewellery Works £42
Top, Ted Baker
Bag, Small Bayswater Satchel, Mulberry
Rose Gold Hummingbird Watch, Olivia Burton

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