By no stretch of the imagination is it bikini weather. Nor is it likely to be any time soon. 

So why am I standing outside on wet ground in temperatures barely in double figures?

It’s because this post will ultimately be part of a style challenge. I was invited to choose a piece of beachwear from Bonprix  and style it two ways.

This nautical bikini caught my eye. I love the shape of the top and the red tie accents just add a little something.

over 40 blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing navy and white nautical striped bikini. Bikini for the over 40s. Can you wear a bikini if you are over 40. How to wear a bikini if over the age of 40.

over 40 blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing navy and white striped nautical bikini. Bikini for over 40s. Can you wear a bikini over the age of 40

I guess this is a variation of one of my daytime staple looks- breton stripes with a floral scarf. Only in this case I’m using my scarf as a sarong for a look suitable for going from beach to bar.

Over 40 blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing navy and white striped nautical bikini with blue daisy sarong. Over 40 bikini. Can you wear a bikini over 40

This second look is one I hope to wear on my laid back summer holiday in Devon. For idly perusing the shops and walking along the shore.

Over 40 fashion blogger What Lizzy Loves wearing navy and white bikini top with denim shorts and lemon yellow cardigan. How to wear a bikini over 40. Bikini for over 40s. Can you wear a bikini over the age of 40. How to wear a bikini when over 40

Love Liz x

Added on 4th June 2015:

I have written a subsequent post with tips and ideas for choosing the right bikini along with advice about beach cover-ups.

*Bikini, Bonprix £29.99

Sarong/Scarf, What Lizzy Loves Boutique

Denim Shorts, Fat Face, SS14

Lemon Cardigan, Next SS15

Rose Gold Sandals, Boden, SS14

I love jewellery. Really love jewellery. Always have done. I wear a variety every day and have an extensive collection. But earrings are something I don’t think about quite as much as bracelets, necklaces or rings. I wear little silver studs every day, (with my birthstone in- a 40th birthday present from my friend Charlotte), and occasionally some drop earrings but I don’t have many.

So, when I was offered the chance to try some clip-on earrings from Eternal Collection I was intrigued. My ears are pierced so clip-on earrings are not even on my radar. 

It took me back about 30 years, to when I used to watch Dynasty and was totally in awe of Alexis Colby’s fabulousness, not least her removing a clip-on earring to answer the phone. 

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Please tell me I’m not. 

My paternal grandmother, from whom I inherited my love of jewellery, gave me a pair of her clip-on earrings and I was beyond thrilled. They were oval shaped “rubies” surrounded by “diamonds” and I loved them more than anything. 

But they were agony to wear! The pinched my earlobes and if I moved my head suddenly they slid off. On my 8 year old self they must have looked ridiculous, but in my head, I was as awesome and glamorous as Joan Collins. 

Eternal Collection have over 1700 hundred pairs to choose from so it took me quite some time to choose. I decided to go for a statement pair, so opted for these beautiful Bluebell Crystal Chandeliers.

They’re silver plated with cubic zirconia and Swarovski clear crystals in an art deco style and are absolutely stunning.

What I didn’t realise is that there are different fitment options which can be adjusted for optimum comfort.

In fact there is an excellent YouTube Video demonstrating how to adjust the fitting. 

I put them on this morning to see if they stayed put and if they were comfortable. I wanted to try them properly. They didn’t need any adjustment, although I did reposition the right one as it wasn’t initially as comfortable as the left, after which it was totally comfortable. I wore them for four hours and actually forgot about them. In fact I went to the beautician wearing them (sans make-up and sporting very casual jeans and jumper, so not really the right look for these beauties) and it was only when I caught sight of them in the mirror that I remembered so took them off. 

The fitting is very discrete and an observer would have to look very closely to see that they were clip-on.

My verdict?

They’re brilliant and I love them.. 

I’m going to a formal Midsummer Ball next month at my son’s school, and these will be my earrings of choice. 

I love Eternal Jewellery and have a beautiful vintage inspired cocktail ring which I wore to my grandfather’s 90th birthday celebrations and a honey bee necklace which I wore last autumn.

Love Liz x

My earrings were a gift from Eternal Collections. All opinions are 100% honest and all content is my own.

Since transforming my spare bedroom into a dressing room, I’ve found it much easier to make a decision about what to wear, because everything is visible on hanging rails. I’ve also found I’m wearing more of my clothes for that same reason. 

For a normal working day such as today, (writing for Aspire magazine, writing my blog, doing the housework and taking a trip to the post office to dispatch boutique purchases), my default outfit is skinny jeans and breton top with ballerinas or brogues. But today, I wanted to wear this dress because I saw it hanging there and thought it would make a nice change. 

What Lizzy Loves wears a floral dress with tan leather brogues

What Lizzy Loves wearing a floral dress with tan leather brogues

My leather wrap heart bracelet is by Danon. The leather is beautifully soft and supple and I love the sparkle afforded by the crystals in the heart. For quite a while, I didn’t wear much yellow gold jewellery, instead preferring white gold or silver coloured, but I’m acquiring more and more. It’s warm and flattering and I’d be hard pressed to say which I prefer now.

What Lizzy Loves wears Danon leather wrap bracelet with gold heart with crystals

I’m a huge fan of Danon jewellery and I have a leather wrap bracelet with a silver dragonfly as well as a long dragonfly pendant from this brand. (Links to blog posts featuring these at the foot of the post), 

Love Liz x

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See this post for different ways of styling brogues

Outfit Details
Green Peony “Vicky” Dress, Joules AW14
Hamble Oak Tan Brogues, Clarks £60
*Danon Leather Wrap Bracelet with Crystal Heart, Bijouled £58

My bracelet was a gift from Danon. All opinions are 100% honest and all content is my own.