Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014...

I can't quite believe this year is coming to an end. 12 months ago I wrote about New Year's resolutions. Jog more, read more, drink less... And I achieved precisely none of them. 
To say 2014 was life changing would be somewhat of an understatement. Thankfully, my family, friends and natural optimism ensured that I sit here today, in my new home, happy and excited with a sense of achievement far greater than that of keeping to any of my resolutions.

The dress I'm wearing today is several seasons old from Boden. The red is such an uplifting colour and the vibrancy reflects my mood- perfect for a New Years' Eve lunch.

Happy New Year,

Love Liz x

Thank you to Adam O'Brien who took my photographs today x

Friday, 26 December 2014

Outfit:Christmas Day- Boden Sequinned Tunic Dress with Scalloped Hem

Christmas Day was gloriously bright so I took the opportunity to take some photographs outside before we went to my parents' home for Christmas. I wore this dress when we went to Annemarie's for our Christmas party/Sally's hen party- there is nothing new to be seen but everything photographs so much better in daylight.  

I love the style of this dress- the scalloped edging, the tunic style, the sheer sleeves and of course, the sequins. It's from Boden as are my shoes and it's well worth checking out their sale which is running currently.

Love Liz x

Outfit Details
Sequin Shimmer Tunic Dress, Boden AW14
Multi Glitter Mary Janes, Boden AW14 
Ring: made by Sally Wolfenden-Smith
Cat: Socks

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Pre-Christmas in London

I can't quite believe it's Christmas Eve! As children it was probably our favourite day of the year, full of excitement and anticipation. My youngest brother is ten years my junior, so even when I returned from university aged 18 or 19, I knew Santa Claus would be visiting our family home.

In adulthood, many Christmas Eves have seen me crazily making cranberry sauce, brining the turkey, baking the Yule log, setting the table, preparing the guest rooms etc etc. Just like any body else who is hosting Christmas in their home. And I loved it. But this year, the children and I are going to my parents' home tomorrow along with my brothers and their families and I can't wait.

I've spent the last three days in London with my parents and children and it's been amazing, spectacular, wonderful, fantastic. Every positive superlative. Our stunning capital city excelled herself and I've never seen such a cosmopolitan and diverse mix of people visiting. The vibe was one of happiness and excitement and even the underground seemed more relaxed than usual. 

All of these photographs were taken on my iPhone, so some are a little blurred especially those taken at night, and in fact, because the broadband is still not installed and won't be for a while yet, (I can't believe how much we miss it), I'm writing this blog post on my phone too. So, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it looks ok, is formatted correctly and that it captures the spirit of what was a fantastic few days. 

On Sunday evening we went to Kew gardens. There was classical music playing along with Christmas music and everything was beautifully lit.

And we toasted marshmallows over a fire basket.

From Kew we headed to Westminster to see the City by night. 

And happened across Paddington Bear

We started Monday with a visit to Harrods, mainly to see the beautiful windows. I've visited London over Christmas on several occasions but have never been as transfixed by the displays as I was this time. They were romantic and whimsical and appealed to me in every way. 

And, I cannot deny having my head turned by the cars parked outside

Or indeed by the cakes and flowers in the Food Hall. 

The scent from these flowers was just glorious. 

On Monday afternoon we went to The Albert Hall for Anton and Erin's Christmas Cracker. Hosted by Anton du Beke and his professional dance partner, Erin Boag (of Strictly Come Dancing fame). The London Symphony Orchestra played and there was a brilliant choir too playing a mixture of Christmas songs and Carols. And the millions of sequins meant I was in heaven. It was a privilege to be in such an iconic building. 

After the concert we had less than thirty minutes to get to Hyde Park for The Magical Ice Kingdom which contained the most intricate ice sculptures I've ever seen. Huge sculptures in a vast space filled with Christmas trees. 

There was quite a large funfair in Hyde Park too along with a huge Christmas market. Oh, and fake snow! 

We wandered back to our hotel in Islington for a quick change and then headed for supper at Jamie's Italian close to where we stayed. 

On our final day we went to Oxford Street which was surprisingly civilised given it was December 23rd. We admired the windows in John Lewis- not as spectacular as Harrods but lovely to see Monty the Penguin from the TV ad. In fact we went up to the roof garden to look at Monty's Kingdom and had the requisite photo with him.

When we came out, The Ebony Steel Band were playing. My parents recalled them from last year actually. They played a continuous medley of Christmas songs, carols and current chart music. It was beyond brilliant. A crowd gathered and everyone was smiling and tapping their feet. The NSPCC were benefitting from donations and they got people up to dance. Such a lovely atmosphere.
And needing little encouragement when dancing is involved, I joined in. 
My children were not at all embarrassed.

Happy, Happy Christmas,

Love Liz xxx


Sunday, 21 December 2014

Outfit Post: Fitted Lace Shift Dress

It has been a week of Christmas celebration with friends, fizz and all round fabulousness and I've loved every minute. This weekend sees the the start of my family Christmas. Yesterday, my brother and sister-in-law hosted a buffet in their beautiful home and today, I'm going to London with my children and my parents for two days of pure Christmas magic.

I wore this lace dress dress for the first time yesterday. The sharp-eyed and observant will notice that it is a dress version of a top I wore earlier in the week when my friend Sally came round for fizz. I love the lace, the scalloping, the subtle sparkle and the combination of navy and pewter.

I've always loved sparkly shoes. These are the  Spectacular Heels, Navy Sequins from Boden AW14 

And I was glad to have an excuse to wear my gorgeous bejewelled cuff again along with my glitter clutch

My brother's home looked beautiful

As did my baby niece

And because it's been the year of the #selfie, here I am with my brother, my niece and my nephew.

Love Liz x

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Outfit Post: More Sequins, Glitter and a touch of Velvet

Another day, another evening of friends and fizz. Such is the life of a social butterfly like myself.

It's so incredibly unusual for me to have three consecutive nights socialising, but the flood just after we moved in delayed everything, so the simple housewarming supper I planned to host for a few friends had to be postponed. Last night's soiree was hastily arranged the day before once I realised with utter joy that everybody was available. I was thrilled I could finally show them round the new house which complete with carpets and internal doors, finally feels like home. Tis amazing how being able to close one's bedroom door brings such happiness.

But there is still no broadband...

This gunmetal sequinned top is around three years old. I love the classic shape and it's a versatile option for wearing with denim, navy, black or grey. I opted for black velvet last night. I wanted to wear a sparkly starburst clip too, hence my hairstyle.

My very talented friend (scarf) Sally made this ring for me and I love it.

And I'm still totally mad about my glittery Mary Janes.

Love Liz x

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