Sunday, 14 September 2014

Five Happy Things...#1

It's easy to forget how many good things happen when tackling life's tougher obstacles.
So I've decided that each Sunday, I will reflect and look back at five happy things from the preceeding week.

On Tuesday, my friend Annemarie and I went for a long, country walk and saw this beautiful wild poppy.

And this was the stunning view from the highest point of our walk.

On Wednesday I cut the grass. The lawnmower is somewhat temperamental and three acres is a lot for a girl to manage.
I *may* have left the gate to the adjacent field open.

Every day this week I have seen at least one of my amazing friends. I count my blessings as they continue to listen.

Love Liz x


  1. What a lovely idea for a post Liz, it is very easy to overlook 'happy' things, I shall look forward to reading more.
    Sue x

  2. Great idea; it's always good to focus on the happy moments in life, even though it can be tough at times! The view from your walk is amazing. xxx
    Just Emma


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