Today I’m leaving for some sunshine and relaxation with my children and my parents. We’re beyond excited and I’ve never felt more ready for a break.
I’m not expecting to have much access to the internet so I think things will be a little quiet but I’ll have lots of outfits and photographs to share when I get home in just over a week.

To everyone else lucky enough to be on holiday, have a lovely time.

Love Liz x

A hectic few days as the end of my son’s primary school career draws to a close.
Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful Mass. Today was their final assembly. It was so unbelievably emotional with photographs of him with his classmates from the age of three when they started at the school’s nursery. To see him standing there today filled me with total and overwhelming pride, joy and love. The tears are still flowing.

I have worn this dress before with leopard print court shoes

Today, I dressed it down a little.
I wore my new rose gold sandals- my one and only sales purchase. I have the same design in yellow suede and have been so pleased. I was thrilled when a pair became available.

I added rose gold earrings (costume jewellery from Oasis) to co-ordinate and my beautiful Italian cocktail ring.

Love Liz x

Outfit Details

Current Season (July 2014)
*Blue Crystal Ring, Luca Barra 19.5 Euro

Previous Seasons
Sixties Ponte Dress, Rose Gold Sandals, *Soft Leather Bowling Bag, all Boden, SS’14

I love an alliterative title and very nearly added “bags” as in undereye bags, to the broderie and butterflies.

The last two weeks have been particularly hectic and the lack of sleep brought about by seemingly endless hurdles really does show. 

My parents and brothers, (and my pregnant sister-in-law), have been a continuous source of practical support and we have just about tamed the garden and adjoining field (three acres) and tackled the overgrown hedges to encourage the sale of the house. It’s been a huge task and one which I could not have managed alone. 

Ironically, this dream, forever home, which now holds such sadness, has never looked more beautiful. 

But, amongst the anxiety and uncertainty, have been so many brilliant nights out and nights in with friends and family. Birthdays, celebrations of football trophies, of excellent school reports and of amazing SATS results. I’ve had a lot of fizz. And eaten a lot of cake.

Last week my children, my niece and nephew whizzed around the field until sunset on the ride-on mower. Their faces showed pure unadulterated joy. Fun. Laughter. Happy memories for all of us to take away from here and into the future. 

This morning, I met with a new friend. I’m taking over the communications, website and social media of our respective sons’ football club. I volunteered for this role because he is moving from the area with his family. He has shown infinite patience and kindness but I’m a bit daunted about filling his rather large shoes. This was our third meeting and I think I now, just about, know what to do.

So my blog has had to take a back seat these last few weeks.

Today’s is a very simple outfit.

The tee was from Fat Face earlier in the season. For me, the neckline has just the right scoop. And of course, my love of broderie is no secret.

The cropped jeans are from White Stuff four or five years ago but their Southern Ocean Crops are this year’s version.

I added some colour with the beautiful butterfly scarf (from my boutique) and my Boden bowling bag.

This scarf is available edged in blue, grey, pink or khaki. The butterflies are happy and bright and work with so many colours.

There are so many more beautiful designs in the boutique, do take a look. They’re large enough to use as a sarong, so some will be definitely making their way into my suitcase later this month.

Love Liz x