Added in March 2016

I started my blog in May 2013 and regular readers will know that in March 2014, I found out that my husband of almost 16 years had been having an affair with a friend of mine for some time. I wrote about it eight weeks after the event, on my blog’s first birthday in a very emotional, honest and personal post which to date, remains my most read post. The post below was the first one I wrote after I found out and was five days later when still only family and close friends knew. That all seems like a different lifetime, so I have deleted all of those posts that were written during that time. It wasn’t an easy decision because I put a lot of work into them but I am an optimist and am forever looking forwards. As hard as it was, this was the start of the rest of my life. Love Liz xxx

Yesterday, in the UK at least, was Mother’s Day.

My daughter had chosen a charm for my Pandora bracelet and my son, from his residential school trip last week, bought me a fridge magnet! How precious they are.

I’m from a very close, loving family and my two children mean the world to me. It was also my brother’s birthday. He is my best friend as well as the most amazing father and husband, so we had much to raise a glass to.

Love Liz x

Outfit Details
Skinny Jeans, Boden £49
Soft Leather Bowling Bag in Fountain £139
Navy Lace Top, Boden
Statement Necklace, Boden
Leather Leopard Patent Shoes, Jones the Bootmaker.